Press Release

Farm Bill Without Work Requirements is a Non-Starter

Nov 27, 2018

Washington—According to news reports, Chairman Mike Conaway (R-Texas) and Chairman Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) are considering dropping work requirements for food stamp recipients contained in the House Farm Bill and expanding a loophole that would allow subsidies to go to individuals without any requirement they actually step foot on the farm. This agreement would essentially gut work requirements for food stamp recipients at a time of economic prosperity and seven million job openings. Heritage Action released the following statement from Executive Director Tim Chapman:

Strengthening work requirements for food stamp recipients in the farm bill has long been a top priority for conservatives, Speaker Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump. Work requirements are essential to reduce poverty and government dependency while moving people toward dignified work and self-sufficiency.
The American people overwhelmingly support this policy—92 percent agree that able-bodied adults who receive cash, food, housing, and medical assistance should be required to work or prepare for work as a condition of receiving those government benefits. Any Farm Bill conference report that fails to include even the modest work requirement language as contained in the House bill should be considered a non-starter.