Democrats Remaking America at Taxpayers’ Expense

Press Releases · Sep 27, 2021

WASHINGTON — Heritage Action for America, a national conservative grassroots group, released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson responding to the House Budget Committee’s markup of the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill:

Democrats are using the reconciliation package to attack the American way of life, and they are forcing Americans to foot the bill. Instead of working to fix the nation’s soaring debt, inflation, or illegal immigration, Democrats in Congress are intent on passing the most sweeping expansion of government control in over 50 years without a single Republican vote.

The package would expand government reach into every aspect of Americans’ lives, with more rules governing birth, education, work, healthcare, retirement, and even death. Worse, Democrats are fighting for handouts to the Left-wing donor class through potential items like $12,000 electric vehicle tax credits, higher SALT deductions for blue states, and handouts for 'green' nonprofits and corporations. While coastal elites may benefit, everyone else loses out: the bill will punish workers and consumers through higher business taxes, energy fees, drug prices, tobacco taxes, and inflation.

From cradle to grave, Biden’s tax-and-control reconciliation bill will chip away at Americans’ liberties and force them to pay for it, while privileging Left-wing interest groups. Congress must reject this shameful government overreach.