Cromnibus Betrays Regular Order and Shuts Down Conservative Policy

Press Releases · Sep 13, 2018

Washington—Today the House will vote on a conference report on a minibus that includes Energy-Water, Military Construction-VA, and Legislative Branch spending measures. According to news reports, House and Senate party leaders have also struck a deal on a Defense and Labor-HHS-Education conference report which will include a continuing resolution funding the rest of the government through December 7th.

Heritage Action released the following statement from Executive Director Tim Chapman:

It is disappointing to see conservative priorities shut out of the appropriations process yet again. The appropriations bills, including those in today’s minibus, lack conservative policy riders and any level of fiscal restraint requested by the Trump administration. While the process was arguably better this year, the results were not. The appropriations process continues to be bogged down in dysfunction as defense funding is held hostage by Democrat spending priorities. This December, Republicans must find a way to marry improved process with conservative policy that voters elected them and President Trump to accomplish.