Corporate Media’s “Don’t Say Gay” Narrative Fails — Florida Senate Passes Parental Rights Bill

Press Releases · Mar 8, 2022

Corporate Media’s “Don’t Say Gay” Narrative Fails — Florida Senate Passes Parental Rights Bill

Washington — Today, Heritage Action, a conservative organization with two million grassroots activists nationwide, including thousands of Floridians, released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson applauding the Florida State Senate on the passage of Parental Rights in Education, HB 1557.

While the Left and the corporate media continue to lie about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, HB 1557, Florida Republicans haven’t stopped working to protect parents and children. Nothing in the bill bans the word “gay” or censors schools — it simply protects grades K-3 from sexualized instruction and bolsters parents’ rights to know what’s going on in their children’s lives at school.

Parents have the primary responsibility for their kid’s education and shouldn’t be shut out from the most sensitive of decisions for kids as young as age 5. Heritage Action applauds Florida’s legislators for getting this important legislation across the finish line to protect children from hyper-sexualization.


  • Heritage Action last month released a Myth vs. Fact sheet on the bill, debunking the common spin around its contents.

  • From the fact-sheet: “Contrary to media hype, HB 1557 does not ban the word “gay” from the classroom. Rather, it protects kindergarteners to third-graders from teachers and other school officials who seek to sexualize children at very young ages. The bill would prevent school personnel from pushing planned instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity issues in kindergarten through third grade or in contexts that are not age-appropriate in later grades. The bill does not prohibit organic conversations between students and teachers, nor does it prohibit age-appropriate discussion of social issues including sexual orientation if it is in accordance with state standards.”

  • Last year in a Tallahassee school, school officials directed a 13-year-old girl to pursue a gender transition, knowingly concealed their actions from her parents, and even discussed restroom preferences and name changes without her parents’ consent or knowledge.

  • Transgender activism and instruction in schools has put teenagers at risk and even taken children away from their parents. More from The Heritage Foundation here.