Coronavirus Relief Should Help Americans, Not Push the Liberal Agenda

Press Releases · Mar 23, 2020

Washington—Heritage Action for America released the following statement from Jessica Anderson, vice president of Heritage Action, in response to the Senate’s coronavirus relief bill, the CARES Act:

As Americans struggle with how to respond to the economic and health impact of the novel coronavirus, some in Washington are exploiting the crisis, exposing partisanship at its worst.

This is not the bill conservatives would have drafted. Heritage Action and The Heritage Foundation made a series of recommendations to improve the bill, particularly in order to focus more on targeted, temporary public health efforts.

Worse, Democrats are now using this crisis to try to accomplish a liberal policy wish list instead of helping working Americans. At a time when many Americans are facing health scares, layoffs, and reduced wages, the left should not be jamming through policies like higher airline fuel standards and tax breaks for alternative energy — these policies are irrelevant at best, counterproductive at worst.

Congressional conservatives need to hold the line to oppose the addition of liberal policies and ensure this bill isn’t dragged further to the left. At a time when Americans are suffering every day, it’s unacceptable that the left is delaying relief legislation in an attempt to pass a liberal policy wish list.