Conservatives Should Fight to Protect Gains for all Americans

Press Releases · Jan 20, 2021

Washington, DC — Heritage Action for America today released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson responding to President Biden’s first executive actions after his inauguration:

"As the Biden administration begins today, conservatives are prepared to fight back against the destructive policies of the far Left. Biden’s day-one actions will make America less safe, less free, and less prosperous. In particular, he plans to use executive orders to:

At best, these measures are misguided — at worst, they’re destructive. At a time when the president should be looking for opportunities for more American jobs, he’s going in the opposite direction. These orders will sacrifice the American economy for a far-Left, progressive agenda.

Biden campaigned on “unity,” but his first actions immediately reveal his true priority is the agenda of the far Left: to remake America. These actions are divisive and destructive — and there’s far more to come. That’s why Heritage Action is committed to fighting these far-Left policies and mobilizing conservatives to protect the historic gains made over the last four years."