Conservatives Must Stand Firm on COVID Relief Bill

Press Releases · Jul 27, 2020

Washington—Heritage Action for America today released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson commenting on Senate Republicans’ proposed fourth coronavirus relief bill:

Over the last few months, Heritage Action has focused on four priorities for the next coronavirus relief package. We fought to ensure any bill excluded state and local government bailouts, included liability reform, ended the counterproductive $600 weekly unemployment insurance supplement, and did not create a new government rate-setting scheme for our nation’s healthcare system. Conservatives should be glad to see their efforts succeed in these four key areas — these measures will help the nation’s economy quickly get back on its feet and minimize the pain families are feeling nationwide.

While the bill contains some real wins, the overall spending level of today’s proposed bill should worry conservatives. After Congress passed $3 trillion in COVID relief earlier this year, today’s bill would add another $1 trillion to our mounting debt, and Democrats are certain to fight for even higher spending. If conservatives cave to their litany of demands, our country’s economy could plummet while sending our debt sky-high. We must stand firm and ensure our children have a bright future, not a stagnant economy and massive tax bill.

Today’s proposal contains some victories for conservatives, but cedes important ground to the Left before negotiations have even begun. As negotiations on COVID relief progress in Congress, these four areas should be a hard red line for Republicans.