Conservative Leaders Speak for the American People in the Omnibus Negotiations, Make Direct Asks to Republican Leadership

Press Releases · Mar 1, 2022

WASHINGTON — Leaders from The Heritage Foundation, Heritage Action, CPAC, and Club for Growth sent a coalition letter to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy with direct asks concerning the omnibus negotiation.

Heritage Action’s Jessica Anderson, The Heritage Foundation’s Kevin Roberts, Club for Growth’s David McIntosh, and CPAC’s Matt Schlapp signed the letter, calling on leaders to oppose any omnibus that includes an extension to the national emergency or fails to rescind federal vaccine mandates.

The letter reads in part:

“No deal should be reached without guarantees from the president of the following:

1. President Biden must end the national emergency declared on March 13, 2020, (Proclamation 9994) concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. This emergency declaration greatly empowers the executive branch to take actions that are no longer or were never necessary.

2. President Biden must rescind every single COVID-19 vaccination mandate, including those that apply to our nation’s courageous military servicemen and women, health care workers, and government contractors. These mandates are unethical and unnecessary. Furthermore, anyone who lost his or her job directly and solely because of failure to comply with these government mandates should be immediately restored. These firings were substantial and unwarranted."

Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson:

“Americans do not want COVID vaccine mandates or any policies that disregard our freedoms. In negotiations, conservative leaders must stand firm against an omnibus that includes more funding for the remaining vaccine mandates and an extension of the national emergency. A long-term CR advances the most conservative policies, and conservatives cannot accept a bad deal on an omnibus that includes these anti-freedom, far-Left policies.”

Heritage President Kevin Roberts:

“Radical, reckless spending is finally catching up with us, and working Americans are the ones paying the price for our elites’ addiction to endless federal spending,” said Roberts. “Unchecked federal spending is driving record inflation, empowering and expanding the administrative state, and funding extreme causes and Washington’s favored pet projects. Meanwhile, Americans across this country are paying record prices at the gas pump and in grocery stores, leaving jobs that now pay less than federal unemployment benefits, and watching Washington take more control of their daily lives.

“Our representatives on Capitol Hill should reject any omnibus spending bill. It’s time for Congress to make much-needed cuts to federal spending. Lawmakers should require the Biden administration to officially end the COVID-19 emergency declaration so that employers can rehire workers fired as a result of the president’s unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccine mandate. These are just some of the first steps to restore fiscal sanity to Washington.”

Club for Growth President Dave McIntosh:

“With COVID numbers falling and readily available vaccines, it’s long past time for Democrats to end the national emergency and let Americans get back to work and school like they were before the pandemic. If Democrats want to focus on fixing a natural disaster, they should find someone to replace Biden.”

CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp:

“We just spent 4 days w Americans at CPAC where the rallying cry was to Awaken Americans to the threat of woke policies especially those funded by big blue bankrupt government. It’s time for Republicans in Congress to demonstrate they are ready to govern by not going along w another irresponsible omnibus.”

A PDF of the letter can be found here.

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