Press Release

Congress Should Reject NFIP Extension Absent Reforms

Jul 24, 2018

Washington—Today, the House will consider an extension of the National Flood Insurance Program (S. 1182) through November 30th under suspension of the rules. This bill extends the program right into a lame duck session of Congress and contains zero reforms that both Republicans and Democrats have voted for in the recent past.

Heritage Action released the following statement from Vice President Jessica Anderson:

The NFIP continues to drown in debt as Congress delays action to place the program on sound financial footing. The Senate’s failure to pass even minor reforms to the program is unacceptable, especially considering the program has been extended six times in the last ten months. The House of Representatives should continue to put pressure on the Senate to act by attaching common-sense reforms to the bill instead of kicking the can down the road.

Heritage Action opposes a straight extension of the NFIP that puts taxpayers at greater risk and does nothing to move the program toward privatization. Heritage Action reserves the right to key vote.


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