Congress Should Reject Handouts for High-Tax States

Press Releases · Dec 18, 2019

Washington—Heritage Action released the following statement from Executive Director Tim Chapman:

The tax bill House Democrats have put on the schedule this week claims to promote fairness in the tax code, but it really promotes the interest of liberal states. It is anything but fair. It will only benefit a minority of Americans at the expense of those who have chosen to live in states with smaller tax burdens. SALT deductions are nothing more than a federal subsidy for high state and local taxes, which in turn makes individuals in low-tax states responsible for subsidizing more expensive governments elsewhere.

With the backdrop of partisan impeachment, House Democratic leadership is desperate to hand legislative “wins” to their members who represent purple districts. House Republicans should not give them any cover on this bill. It is nothing but a subsidy to the most liberal states at the expense of the rest of the country. Americans should be treated equally.