Congress Should Focus on Policy, Not Partisan Impeachment Proceedings

Press Releases · Oct 31, 2019

Washington — Heritage Action for America released the following statement by Executive Director Tim Chapman in response to the House's vote to continue an impeachment inquiry against President Trump:

From the moment President Trump took the oath of office, Democrats have been determined to impeach him. Today’s vote was simply the latest move in this highly partisan proceeding. The entire impeachment process has been purely motivated by politics, with little grounding in evidence, fairness, or due process.

It’s a shame that Democrats in the House are pushing this process forward instead of doing their job: legislating. Congress has less than a month to fund our government and make sure our troops get paid. They have failed to secure the border, pass USMCA to ensure free trade within North America, or pass a real budget. Instead of tackling real policy issues, they have spent most of the year looking for ways to overturn the 2016 election.

Members of Congress work for the American people, not political elites upset about President Trump’s election. Voters want Congress to solve our nation’s problems instead of wasting time on a completely political impeachment inquiry — their representatives should get back to work.