Biden's Divisive Nominees

Press Releases · Jan 19, 2021

President-elect Biden’s selections for his Cabinet are simply too extreme for the American people, and his effort to jam their confirmations through an evenly divided Senate proves his call for “unity” is a farce. These nominees have demonstrated disregard for the views of nearly half of the people of the United States and want to fundamentally alter their lives instead of bringing Americans together. As confirmation hearings begin, Senators must ensure they thoroughly examine each nominee’s views and experience.

In particular, his selection of Alejandro Mayorkas, Xavier Becerra, and Neera Tanden to lead the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Office of Management and Budget should concern not only conservatives, but all Americans.

Mayorkas, the architect of the DACA program and leading advocate of amnesty, has advocated to admit millions more illegal immigrants and push for citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants. Tanden, a key proponent of the Affordable Care Act, has not only supported extreme policies but attacked conservatives repeatedly on Twitter — including some of the same Senators she now asks for a confirmation vote. Becerra’s only experience in healthcare is working to strip the Little Sisters of the Poor of religious exemptions and pushing taxpayer funding for partial-birth abortions.

Rather than inspiring confidence in his calls for unity, President-elect Biden’s nominees seek to force a far-Left agenda on the American people and radically shift the direction of the country. Senators should carefully consider any Biden nominations and their agenda for America. Heritage Action will issue a key vote for the most extreme nominees.