Biden Vetoes Interests of All Americans

Press Releases · Mar 20, 2023

WASHINGTON – Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization with two million grassroots activists, released the following statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson following President Biden’s veto of the bipartisan ESG Congressional Review Act.

“President Biden has used his first presidential veto to overrule the bipartisan Congressional Review Act resolution that would have protected the retirement accounts and 401(k)s of more than 150 million Americans by blocking the Department of Labor’s dangerous ESG rule. Prioritizing a radical Left-wing political agenda, this rule allows the federal government to use taxpayer money to work against American taxpayers' values and financial interests. ESG policies focus more on funding partisan pet projects like the Green New Deal than giving Americans the highest returns on investments. It also reverses the important fiduciary requirement of Congress’s Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, a law designed to establish minimum standards for employer-provided retirement benefits.

While President Biden and many of his liberal allies in Congress are clearly willing to prioritize their own political interests over the well-being of American families and businesses, Congress must keep fighting back. Heritage Action key voted in support of this resolution and encourages Congress to continue to use the Congressional Review Act to hold this administration accountable and work to block radical policies from becoming law. Despite President Biden’s veto, this will continue to be a valuable tool in standing up for the interests of the people and forcing Biden to go on the record with his radical policy positions.

Congress should override President Biden’s veto of this bipartisan resolution and continue their work on a policy agenda that will protect the livelihoods and financial interests of the American people."