Arizona's Court Rulings Protect Election Integrity

Press Releases · Aug 26, 2022

WASHINGTON – Today, Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson and Honest Elections Project Action Executive Director Jason Snead released a statement following the court rulings in Arizona protecting election integrity:

Today’s court rulings are a victory for all Arizonans and a defeat against the partisan operatives attempting to undermine our elections and confuse voters. Arizonans deserve an election system that will count their votes fairly, and make it easy to vote but hard to cheat. These court rulings protect Arizonans’ rights and the sanctity of our elections.

These hard fought victories would not have been possible without Arizona Free Enterprise’s President Scot Mussi and the team of dedicated advocates who work on behalf of all Arizona voters. His leadership on this issue has been instrumental in protecting Arizona’s elections from the Left’s attempts to eliminate protections for voters such as voter ID. We are proud to have worked alongside him, America First Policy Institute, and Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE), and Arizonans are better off for the work of Scot and his team.

The freedom to choose our elected representatives is a sacred right worth defending. All Americans deserve to have their voices heard through a fair and secure elections system. We will continue fighting for this right every day.