Anti-Conservative Radical Gigi Sohn is Wrong for the FCC

Press Releases · Feb 14, 2023

WASHINGTON – Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization with two million activists, released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson calling on the Senate Commerce Committee to reject Gigi Sohn’s nomination to serve as a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner.

“Gigi Sohn has a long history of anti-conservative bias, radical Left-wing activism, and ethics concerns that should immediately disqualify her from serving in the influential position of FCC Commissioner. In this position, Sohn would be responsible for regulating communications across the country, yet she has openly called major conservative outlets like Fox News ‘propaganda,’ and has even advocated for Sinclair to have its broadcast license revoked. She has also publicly supported radical Left-wing political causes, such as Defund the Police and accused conservatives of voter suppression. With the FCC’s current split of two Republicans and two Democrats, Sohn’s confirmation would grant her and the Left tremendous power to continue the Biden administration’s push for censorship of Americans’ right to free speech.

In addition to calling out her disqualifying rhetoric, Senators should continue to ask questions about Sohn’s past business dealings and questionable ethics, particularly in regards to her board membership with Locast. While Sohn sat on the board of Locast, it was involved in copyright infringement activities and was sued by broadcasting networks to pay $32 million in damages. The day after Sohn was nominated to regulate those broadcasters, however, the settlement shrank to only $700,000. Despite requests from senators, Sohn has refused to provide details about why the terms of the settlement changed just as she appeared set to gain power over those with whom she was negotiating.

The Senate Commerce Committee should use today’s hearing as an opportunity to highlight this list of disqualifications so that senators can reject Gigi Sohn’s nomination to the FCC.”