Instructions for Elected Officials and Candidates

As a Citizen, you can add your name to the pledge here.

As an elected official, your leadership matters.

We encourage all elected officials and candidates to sign the police pledge.

To add your name to the police pledge, we ask that you do the following:

  1. Download, print, and sign the Police Pledge.
  2. Confirm your signature with us.
    1. Either email a scanned copy of your signed pledge to [email protected], or
    2. Email a link to a social media post with a picture of your signed pledge.
  3. Once we receive your email, we will add your name to the online list of elected officials who have signed the pledge.


In your email to [email protected], please include the following:

  • First and last name of the official signing
  • Office held (Congressman, Senator, State Senator, Mayor, etc).
  • Jurisdiction represented (State, City, or County, etc)
  • Attached image of signed pledge or link to signed pledge posted to social media.

If you are a candidate, please specify the information for the office you are running for and the date you would take office if you win your election.