Weak on Russia

Apr 23, 2014

Every single Senate Democrat has some explaining to do on Russia:

Now, the very people who pushed New START during the reset are now pretending to be hard-liners on Russia. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) says, "Being sanctioned by President Putin is a badge of honor." Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) claims to be "deeply concerned with Russia's actions, which are in clear violation of existing treaties and agreements." Perhaps most ironic is Shaheen, who now advocates sending "strong signal[s] to Russia that we do not accept their illegal disregard for international norms and agreements."
All three voted in favor of New START, though, just as President Obama requested. Their tough talk in hindsight doesn't do much to advance American foreign policy or keep Americans safe. It does, however, demonstrate why Americans are tired of Washington: politicians on both sides cover up weak action with bold talk.
At Heritage Action, we believe in accountability. Politicians may know how to say the right things at the most convenient times, but too few are willing to take the votes that matter or apologize for the mistakes they've made. It's our job to draw attention to the inconsistency-and to remind Americans the next time some legislators try to push half-baked policies through Congress for the sake of bipartisan cooperation and progress.

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