Tips for Making the Most of a Congressional Recess

Blog Articles · Jun 25, 2019

Congressional recesses offer great opportunities for Sentinels to build relationships with their members of Congress and staff, bring issues to their attention, and engage in accountability.

Not sure when the next recess is? You can find out by checking the House Calendar on the Majority Leader’s website at Days denoted as a “District Work Period” indicate when congressmen will be in recess and back in the district.

Here are some creative ways to connect with your member of Congress over recess:

1) Attend a Town Hall. If they are holding a town hall, be sure to attend! Town halls can be an easy way to ask your question, and get your congressman publicly on the record on a key issue.

Tip: Subscribe to their email list to be the first to find out when a town hall is being held. You can find their website at Follow them on Twitter for the latest updates.

2) Schedule a District Office Meeting. Gather 3-5 Sentinels, and reach out to the district office to set up a meeting with your congressman in their district office. If your congressman isn’t available, see if staff can meet with you.

Tip: Try to reach out in advance before their calendar fills up! Or, be flexible, and snag an open slot of time if a last minute cancellation opens up an opportunity for you.

3) Attend Speaking Engagements in the District. Congressmen often speak to professional associations, community groups or at political events. See if there are local private events the congressman is speaking at that you may be eligible to attend.

4) Go to Parades, Picnics & County Fairs. Congressmen often drop-in at summer parades, picnics, Christmas parties, or stop by their political party’s booth at the county fair. While there is no guarantee you may catch your congressman, these events can also be great opportunities to broaden your network, and maybe even recruit a Sentinel or two! Use these opportunities to introduce yourself!

5) Hold a Sign Wave or Rally. Show your member of Congress encouragement and support for a courageous stand they have taken. Or, if your member of Congress is unresponsive to conservatives, hold a rally or sign wave to publicly hold them accountable.

Tip: Reach out to your regional coordinator for help strategizing location, messaging, and connecting with fellow Sentinels.