The Faces of the Paycheck Protection Program

Blog Articles · Apr 16, 2020

“Without a revenue stream, small businesses are just not going to make it. And when small businesses don't make it, a community doesn't thrive.” -Dara Buczynsky, independent clothing store owner in Athens, Georgia

Last month, Congress passed the Paycheck Protection Program, a $350 billion fund for refundable small business loans. The PPP is a lifeline for small businesses that, through no fault of their own, could face bankruptcies and layoffs.

Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand, the program is about to run out of money. Last week, Senate Republicans introduced a bill to add an additional $250 billion in funds for the PPP and keep Americans employed. Unfortunately, Democrats blocked the bill and are now holding the relief hostage.

In the last week, we have heard from dozens of small business owners who are going to be able to keep paying their employees because of the PPP. They own hair salons, dentists’ offices, nonprofits, and retail stores. These small business owners are on the front lines, making hard decisions, the ones who will have to fire or furlough employees if PPP funding runs dry. And they are outraged at the inaction of Congressional Democrats.

These are the people who make America great, and these are their stories.

Tell your Senator to act without delay. Business owners across the country are suffering while Democrats hold up aid to get their demands.