RELEASE: Heritage Action Condemns Reported New START Deal

Nov 14, 2010

Heritage Action Condemns Reported New START Deal

Washington Should Not Play Politics with National Security

Washington - Late last week, the Obama administration submitted a new offer to Senate Republicans in a last-minute attempt to gain Republican support for ratification of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) during the Senate's Lame Duck session.

"America's security cannot be viewed as some chit for nuclear modernization," Heritage Action's CEO Michael A. Needham said. "No amount of money can obscure the treaty's fatal flaws, including inadequate verification measures and limits on missile defense."

The deal would provide an addition $4 billion for modernizing America's nuclear arsenal; however, reports also suggest the administration is prepared to withhold all such funding if the Senate blocks the treaty.

"The administration's reported threat to withhold all modernization funding is reckless," Needham continued. "Senators who support New START in its current form will find themselves on the wrong side of their constituents and America will find itself on the losing end of a dangerous treaty."

Heritage Action for America's opposition to ratification stems from serious, substantive policy concerns. Earlier this month, Heritage Action targeted 10 states, including Arizona, Kentucky and Tennessee, with direct mail pieces. The mailer urged constituents to call their Senators and tell them to oppose the treaty, which "put Russia's military interests ahead of our own."

With more than 700,000 members across the country, The Heritage Foundation and its sister organization, Heritage Action for America, are committed to building an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and a civil society flourish. To that end, Heritage Action will continue to oppose ratification of the New START Treaty.

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