Our Spending Game Plan

Blog Articles · Jan 30, 2011 · Budget and Spending

Over the weekend at the Reagan Library, one member of Congress, speaking to his colleagues, promised: "This time, this majority will not falter in its principles."

Yesterday, the day after the three day session concluded, Heritage Action's senior staff sat down and finalized our comprehensive plan to ensure that promise is kept. I want you to be among the first to see it.

Over the next six months, there are two critical moments that conservatives must seize to live up to the mandate of the 2010 election.

Continuing Resolution: On March 4, the Continuing Resolution (CR), passed in December to fund the federal government expires. In their "Pledge to America," Republicans promised the American people they would cut $100 billion. It is important that House Republicans keep their pledge this month and cut the full $100 billion in the first year. This is a down payment on the huge cuts and transformational reforms the country needs for its fiscal health.

The Debt Limit: The Obama Administration is trying to create a false hysteria about raising our nation's debt ceiling in the next couple of months. The nation is not going to default on its debt obligations if the debt limit is not increased, and there is no reason to rush into this important debate. Congress should use the opportunity presented by the vote to increase the debt ceiling to get transformational changes which will set our country back on the path towards prosperity. Gov. Tim Pawlenty said it best: "This debate about how we're going to restructure spending is inevitable," Pawlenty said. "My view is, let's have it now."

Over the next few weeks, I've instructed our lobbyists to do everything they can inside of Washington to set the stage for winning these fights. I've also asked Russ Vought, our political director, to give you the tools necessary to envelope your member of Congress with our conservative message and demand that they do what is right.

Here's what I need you to say:

  • Republicans promised $100 billion in cuts in their "Pledge to America." We, the people, expect that pledge to be kept.
  • Congress should not raise the debt limit without transformational changes to spending-anything less is just Washington business as usual. We've raised the debt limit 5 times in the last three years. Simply doing the same thing a sixth time is fiscal insanity.

We cannot continue on the status quo. The Washington Establishment and big-government special interests must take a back seat to the interests of our country and the American people. Heritage Action will stand side by side with conservatives, as we fight to rein in spending, roll back government and restore responsibility to Washington.

Our challenges are immense, but so is America's potential. Working together, we can right our ship and leave our children and grandchildren a strong, exceptional nation.