Obama, Not Exactly Your Modern Day Robin Hood

Jan 07, 2013

Remember back in 2008 when then-Senator Barack Obama promised to change Washington. Well, the National Journal reports President Obama will (finally) use his second term as an opportunity to tackle big lobby groups and influential interest groups. Some liberals happily suggest that he no longer has to worry about politics. Those on the right agree, and say that Obama can implement his ideological vision with a vengeance. Things are never as they seem in Washington, though.

The pro-gun and pro-Israel lobbies are his two main targets, which reflects his desire to control the private sale of arms and may also reflect on his true sentiments toward Israel. Other people can speculate about those intentions, but what we're concerned with here is unveiling Obama's big government agenda. He's wily enough to know how to work the system; he simply incentivizes certain big corporations to facilitate his big-government agenda by convincing them they'll benefit financially --- and they will.

The political left would have you believe that President Obama wants what is best for the American people and is therefore willing to battle against powerful lobbyist groups. Don't be persuaded too quickly, because he only buckles down those special interest groups that aren't in his circle of cronies.

Just to be clear, President Obama has no qualms about getting in good with large, powerful corporations if their mutual cooperation will help him advance his big government agenda.

Tim Carney suggests that "[i]f you make it harder for people to buy guns in private-party sales, you drive more business" to the companies that sell guns.

He adds:

When Obama wants to restrict the freedom or extract the wealth of one group, he finds businesses that would profit from this government intervention, and recruits them to lobby lawmakers and woo the media.

The bottom line is that for all his rhetoric, President Obama seems to care less about the poor or the middle class than aligning with self-serving corporate interest groups. All he cares about is growing government, control, and manipulation of the American people. He doesn't hesitate to take from the "rich" --- aka small businesses who are job creators --- to give tax breaks to big corporations who are willing to cooperate with his big government agenda.