UPDATE: More Pull Off NAT GAS Act

Jun 16, 2011

This week, nine more Congressmen pulled off the NAT GAS Act (H.R.1380). Kudos to:

  • Larry Bucshon (R-IN)
  • Mike Coffman (R-CO)
  • Scott Tipton (R-CO)
  • Cory Gardner (R-CO)
  • Mike Kelly (R-PA)
  • John Kline (R-MN)
  • Blake Farenthold (R-TX)
  • Richard Nugent (R-FL)
  • Scott Rigell (R-VA)

Thanks to the efforts of conservatives around the country, thirteen Congressmen have pulled off the bill and dozens more have refused to add their names to a bill because they understood this bill is not only an open invitation for billions of dollars for failed energy subsidies, but it also wrongly affirms the EPA's role in regulating greenhouse gases.

Heritage Action's CEO Michael A. Needham praised the Congressmen, saying, "Now is the time to end market-distorting energy subsidies, not create new ones. Kudos to these Representatives for rejecting this failed, big-government approach."

Heritage Action would like to thank these Congressmen for standing up to the Washington Establishment and doing the little things right. It is time that more Congressmen follow their lead and remove themselves from this costly, unnecessary piece of legislation.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to end energy subsidies and stop the NAT GAS Act.

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