GOP Unveils Bold Budget Proposal

Apr 04, 2011

Spending Cuts and Reforms, Not Tax Increases, Will Spur Economy

Washington, D.C. - Today, House Republicans unveiled a sweeping budget proposal. America's current path is unsustainable and House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan's budget seeks to set our nation on a different, more sustainable and prosperous course.

Heritage Action for America's CEO Michael A. Needham made the following statement:

For years, Chairman Ryan and many of us on the outside have been discussing the urgent need for entitlement reform if we are to save America for our children and grandchildren. It is a hopeful sign of how far we have come in Washington that politicians are now willing to introduce legislation that confronts this challenge.
Many who are afraid of change will attempt to demagogue those of us trying to save these programs, which are on a collision course with reality. However, the American people have shown repeatedly that they are supportive of politicians who are willing to talk honestly about the challenges facing our nation and have real solutions to confront them.
Of course, the Ryan Budget will not be perfect - no budget is - and we look forward to a spirited discussion. But there should be no doubt that Paul Ryan deserves credit for taking the conversation of entitlement reform to the next stage of debate.

Today's budget also highlights the deficiencies of President Obama and Senate Democrats. The President's proposal continues the reckless status quo and Senate Democrats have been absent from the fight, failing to produce a budget.

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