GOP Accepts Slanderous Attacks on Arizona's Religious Freedom Bill

Feb 27, 2014

Republicans need to stand up for themselves against the Left's vicious attacks. That's the point I make today in a piece for Breitbart on Arizona's religious freedom bill:

Can a political party that refuses to challenge the most vicious mischaracterizations of its views win at a national level? The Republican Party seems intent on finding out.
The Republican Party--the allegedly conservative party--claims to stand for economic freedom. The 2012 Republican Party platform proclaims, "We are the party of maximum economic freedom and the prosperity freedom makes possible." How is it consistent with the principles of economic freedom--that a worker should be free to set his own wage requirements--to say that government can force an individual to work a job that violates their personal religious principles?
Yet the rush to trample economic and religious freedom in an effort to save face with The New York Times was breathtaking. Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, who used to be one of the great champions of freedom before he became a Senator, said he hoped Gov. Jan Brewer would veto the religious freedom legislation. Sen. John McCain followed suit.

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