RELEASE: Conservative Mandate

Nov 02, 2010

Conservative Mandate
Heritage Action to Aggressively Push Conservative Agenda

Washington, D.C. - Heritage Action for America congratulates those newly elected conservative members and stands ready to work them on their conservative mandate.

"Tonight's results mark a turning point in American politics," Heritage Action's CEO Michael A. Needham said. "During the past decade, Americans witnessed a bipartisan tendency to spend too much, centralize control and minimize individual liberty. Americans rejected that philosophy tonight."

"But the fight has only just begun," Needham continued. "Now, we must translate this conservative mandate into conservative policy victories in Washington. Heritage Action will work to ensure tonight's conservative victory is not co-opted by the Washington establishment."

Heritage Action will work aggressively to push a conservative agenda in Congress and hold Members accountable to their electoral mandate using paid issue advertisements, local grassroots activity, online activist tools and earned media. For more information, visit

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Dan Holler