REPORT: Russia to Amend START Treaty

Jan 11, 2011

The week before Christmas, the Senate ratified a dangerously flawed nuclear treaty with Russia. We were told time was of the essence - the treaty must be ratified, and quick. Unfortunately, 71 Senators bought into the hyperbolic rhetoric and voted in favor of the treaty. Now, Russia's parliament is slow walking their ratification process and threatening to amend the treaty.

According to Stratford:

The Russian State Duma International Affairs Committee has approved an initiative to amend parts of the New START treaty, Interfax reported Jan. 12. The amendment will be presented to the council of the chamber on Jan. 13, according to International Affairs Committee Chairman Konstantin Kosachev. Any change or different interpretation of the treaty should be examined by a bilateral Russian-U.S. consultation commission in accordance to provisions in the treaty, Kosachev said. In the third reading of the bill's ratification, the Duma will adopt two statements, the texts of which will be examined during the next meeting of the International Affairs Committee on Jan. 20, Kosachev added.

After the treaty was ratified, we said, "All eyes are now on the Obama administration." Americans were assured the treaty would not undermine our security or endanger our allies. Now, the President and the Senators who rushed to ratify the treaty must hold their collective breath, hoping Russian lawmakers do not make them look like fools.