Restore the Citizenship question to the Census

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I am calling to urge Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to cosponsor the Equal Representation Act (S. 3659 / H.R. 7109) and fix the U.S. Census.

In 2010, the citizenship question was removed from the Census — Now, both citizens and illegal immigrants are counted all the same — which is a major problem for drawing congressional districts after each census.

Our broken census results in some districts having vastly fewer U.S. citizens than others. This means that Americans are not receiving equal representation!

And this problem is only getting worse. Since Biden took office, over 10 million people have illegally crossed the border — that’s the equivalent of 13 congressional districts. Without fixing our census, the flood of illegal immigrants will further distort Congressional Apportionment and disenfranchise U.S. citizens.

Congress should represent Americans, not foreign citizens. The first step to fixing that is to close the border. The second step is to fix the census by supporting the Equal Representation Act.

Because every American citizen is entitled to equal representation in the U.S. House.

Please, tell Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to cosponsor the Equal Representation Act.

Thank you for your time.