Don’t Let Biden Extend Failed Pandemic Policies

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Why a student loan moratorium is NOT “pandemic relief:”

- The richest 20% of households hold $3 in student loan debt for every $1 of debt held by the poorest 20% of households.

- In 2020, weekly earnings for a bachelor’s = $1,305 / high school diploma = $781.

- In 2020, unemployment rate for college degrees = 5.5% / high school diploma = 9%.

- In 2020, 2 in 3 workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher could work from home, while only 1 in 10 workers with no college education could telework.

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Hi, my name is [FIRST NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY AND ZIP CODE].

I’m calling on [MEMBER OF CONGRESS] to stop Biden from extending failed pandemic policies.

President Biden needs to:

  1. end the national emergency declared on March 13, 2020,

  2. and stop using the heavy hand of government to manipulate markets and meddle in our daily lives.

A clear example of this unhelpful meddling is Biden’s suggestion to extend the student loan moratorium (or even cancel all student debt).

We’re two years in, and it’s now very clear that a student loan moratorium isn’t “pandemic relief”—it’s largely a handout to the upper class of America that goes to college.

Even Obama’s economic advisor, Larry Summers, called extending the moratorium “highly problematic” as it encourages more and unnecessary borrowing that will drive up Biden’s record-high inflation.

So I’m urging [MEMBER OF CONGRESS] to help end the executive overreach by telling President Biden and the White House to let the student loan moratorium expire and begin treating all Americans fairly again.

Thank you for taking my call.