Department of Defense Abortion Policy

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Sen. Lisa Murkowski

My name is [NAME] and I am a constituent from [CITY, STATE]. I am calling to urge you to support Sen. Tuberville’s effort to end the Department of Defense radical abortion-for-all policy.

I do NOT want my taxes used to fund abortions.

On February 16th, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin finalized a policy that puts American taxpayers on the hook to cover non-chargeable paid time off, and travel costs for abortions for our military and their families. This would expand the policy to millions of people.

This not only tragically ends innocent unborn lives, it also goes beyond the law. Federal law permits the U.S. military to only provide abortions in very narrow circumstances.

With rising threats from adversaries like China, the DOD should be focused on protecting Americans, not facilitating the murder of America’s unborn.

I urge [Senator] to publicly make a statement supporting Sen. Tuberville’s effort to hold Department of Defense (DOD) nominees until this policy is rescinded.

The U.S. military exists to preserve life and liberty—not deprive the most innocent of those rights.

Thank you for passing along my message.

Have a good day.