The Limit, Save, Grow Act

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I am calling to ask [MEMBER OF CONGRESS] to support the Limit, Save, Grow Act.

Debt and spending are two sides of the same coin—Congress can’t fix our debt problem while ignoring the spending problem. And right now, we have over $31 trillion in debt!

The debt ceiling is an important tool to protect the American people from Washington’s tyrannical spending. So as Congress raises the debt limit, it must also make smart spending decisions to save money and promote economic growth. H.R. 2811 does that.

This bill has already passed the House and is the only plan in Washington to avoid a default on the national debt. This bill is the solution.

This bill also fixes spending. H.R. 2811 saves Americans $4.5 trillion over the next 10 years by saving billions today and preventing runaway spending in the future.

Please support passage of the Limit, Save, Grow Act in the Senate. Senate Leader Schumer must immediately schedule a vote for this bill.

Thank you for passing along my message.