Reconciliation: Americans deserve the full repeal of Obamacare

This week, the House will be considering the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act, which would repeal the individual and employer mandates from Obamacare, as well as place a one-year moratorium on some Planned Parenthood funding. Heritage Action has endorsed the use of the tool to repeal Obamacare in its entirety, but believes this use of reconciliation is a mistake and that the bill should be opposed.

In the Obamacare fight, reconciliation’s aim is to set a legislative precedent for a Republican president to follow. Forcing a presidential veto of a bill repealing Obamacare will cause every presidential candidate to answer a simple question – what would you have done? Every serious Republican candidate will answer that they would repeal it in a heartbeat. But if reconciliation is simply used to remove a few provisions, it does not provoke the conversation and force a Republican nominee to continue to support repealing Obamacare in its entirety.

In addition to leaving one of Planned Parenthood’s main funding sources intact, the reconciliation tool is ineffective in defunding Planned Parenthood because it does not contain sufficient leverage to succeed. The reconciliation tool can only place a standalone bill on the President’s desk, which would be promptly vetoed. But because of the recent Center for Medical Progress videos, there is sufficient political will to carry a defund effort past the finish line. Those seeking to use reconciliation for Planned Parenthood prematurely concede defeat and content themselves with “putting a bill on the President’s desk,” when a legislative rider on the continuing resolution could succeed.

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60 thoughts on “Reconciliation: Americans deserve the full repeal of Obamacare

    • There is no way in God’s Holy name that this current legislative body can pass a full repeal since they cannot get passed the veto. This bill is nothing more than a feint bill but it is a step in the right direction so that voters can see what the Dems voted against. Tyler Jacobs insisting on a full repeal shows nothing but ignorance on his part.

      • I beg your pardon. If we send Obama a bill to repeal ACA (ObamaCare, or SCOTUS Care or whatever you want to call it) and Obama vetoes it, then we will see exactly who really wants to repeal it by their vote of overcome the veto.

      • A step in the right direction? If they wanted a clear signal of how Democrats stand on Planned Parenthood, they could have stuck to this one issue. By sounding off on Obama-care and then doing anything less than fully oppose it, they play the same political games that we are used to in Washington. Some people will be confused. And most of us — who read and think a little — will understand exactly what is going on.

        By sounding as conservative as they can and acting otherwise, they prove to be Nixonian Republicans who have moved much further to the Left than they were in the 60s and 70s. Nixon’s method has been described as, “Run [campaign] on the Right. Govern on the Left.”

        Republicans in Congress are in the campaign mode (on the Right) — vocally — and in the governing mode (on the Left) in what they are actually doing.

        The conservatives will likely never break the hold that men like John Boehner and Paul Ryan have on the party.

    • its a shame we voted in a majority in house and senate and demoncrats win everything anyhow We need to get rid of boehner he will seek revenge for leaving and sign anything to help obama. ryan paul is a rino do not vote for him in the house he is no different than boehner i have given up they are all crooks except Mike Lee, Cruz, Session of Ala and a couple others

  1. Your request to write a letter to our legislators I believe has failed because when I get to the page where it should have the message, it just says Dear [your legislators]:

    Mr. Douglas Humble

    I don’t see the body of the message so I did NOT send it. If you have any questions, please give me a call because if I’m experiencing this, I’m sure others are too and if it’s not clear what is being sent to my Representatives I’m not sending them a blank message. If you email me, I will send you my phone number. Not sure if I put it in this if it would be posted somewhere on a website.

  2. Congress is elected by the people who deserve proper representation. This is the main reason the Tea Party and more and more people are voting representatives out of office. The voters are more educated then ever and with easy access to information in today’s worldwide web of news, our patience has come to an end.

  3. First, I must echo some of the same comments addressed by others in terms of this process to send a letter to Congress. It does not appearvto be wirking correctly; I see no content nor do I recive a confirmation if any sort.

    Secondly, I wish to note how emphatically disappointed and angry I am with our so-called Conservative representatives across the board in Washington. I am sickened by the lies and the pathetically brazen and insolent attacks on our Constututional rights. They are no less guilty than the Liberal Socialists they pretend to so fervently oppose and reject. Our conservative representatives shiw little to no integrity and honesty. Though many may not encourage Socialism outwardly, they do NOTHING to truly fight against it. It majes me want to puke! They have no honor! They are immiral to the core like their Liberal counterparts. At least the liberals are straightshooters. You know they lie with absolute candor and sincerity. They don’t believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and strive to destroy them openly with every breath. They are authentic. The Conservative representatives, however, pledge their allegiances to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but practice something totally different for whatever benefits it provides for them… not for the people.

    I am a Marine Corps veteran. Every day, I am angered at what I witness. I am my brothers solemnly swore to defend this nation for ourselves, our families, our children, our children’s children! And for what? To have some cowardly, lying politicians reverse and destroy every freedom our forefathers established? Yes… I am ANGRY! VERY ANGRY!

  4. Once again the liars in office strick again! Stop making promises you never keep. That’s why I have stopped financial support to the GOP.
    We must take our country back. Vote for true patriots in 2016. Not career politicians!!

    • Fricking true patriots is the weak link in this gigantic heap. True patriots just gave ryan paul a promise ring. Nrxt weeks the wedding.

  5. It’s time to stop this Liar Obama. The cost of my healthcare has tripled because of this Fool Obama and his cronies! Do your job please!

  6. Of course I too think that all of the Government Officials are disgusting and not capable. So ;all of the things we can do will not work except to have none!! So then what? I agree they are all corrupt. I definitely think that terms are WAY to long and Benefits are WAY to many and much.

  7. I did post a comment, so what happened to i? SO this will be a shorter one. Terms are too long and benefits too much!!

  8. Nearly everything these people do is a lie and a fraud. All these bills they come up with are only to try to make the public believe they are doing something that they have no intention of doing.

    First, the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, etc. contribute big money to the party, and expect to make a great deal of money from Obamacare — the party leadership wouldn’t allow it to be repealed if they had the ability to end it. Secondly, they don’t have the ability to repeal it — there is no possibility of getting enough votes to override a veto, and while Congress could let Obama shut down the government and (if they had the guts) face him down and force him to cave on most other things, it’s not likely he would do so on this.

    Obamacare will only be repealed if the next president wants to do it — and he will have a rough time trying to get the Republican leadership to turn on their benefactors (and they may not).

  9. If they do not work diligently to repeal the “Affordable” Care Act then it is time to vote them ALL out. We MUST take a stand against this tyranny

    • In order to vote any of these people out, there must be someone else to vote for in the primary elections in nearly every congressional district in the country (unless we are willing to give the whole government to the Democrats). This requires a great many people to get involved, finding decent candidates to run, and raising large amounts of money to get the message out and fight the party-financed candidates.

      It’s not impossible — it was done to boot Eric Cantor out, but it’s a very rare thing. There are just not enough people enraged at their congressman to put out the time, effort and cash it would take to remove one — most people have no idea what their representatives have voted for, or against, to even know if they are being represented, or not.

  10. We really need term limits and a reduction of benefits. The best way to cut spending is identify waste like Planned Parent Hood, defund it and not transfer those funds to another organization to waste, but totally remove those dollars from the budget, call it Budget Reduction. We have to start reducing the budget so lets start here!

  11. It’s time for House Representatives to stop placating voters with their rhetoric regarding repealing Obamacare and Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Reconciliation Act as well as placing a one-year moratorium on some of Planned Parenthood funding.

  12. Members of Congress,almost ALL of whom have prostituted themselves for the MONEY, (how many leave there without financial windfalls???) deserve the fate that their lying deception has brought about! The rest of us don’t unless we remain so gullible as reelect them. Unfortunately, plagues and nuclear missiles unleashed by fanatics won’t discriminate. God help us.

  13. Congress needs to be paid by the state they represent…not the federal gov. They should have no health care nor retirement. Just as the workers of this country have. They can use IRA’s and buy healthcare just like we do. The Obama care needs trashed. Congress is and has been the problem.

  14. Repeal Obamacare! We have lost our good insurance, then got poor but expensive insurance, now that company will no longer provide health insurance and we have to find another plan that we won’t be able to afford also!!

  15. Repeal ACA, stop funding Planned Parenthood, if it takes a presidential veto put it on Obama. Stand up for your constituents. America needs leadership

  16. People have already forgotten that the worst freedom killing things, are not in the ACA, they were in the Sequester Bill Pukelosi passed on a procedural vote! So just repealing, or re-writing the ACA, will not undo the Socialist dissaster, progressives have tricked us into! The over-reach provided by the Sequester Law, regarding Bureaucratic Powers is staggering and has resulted in HHS, DOJ, BLM, and IRS, to purchase Weapons, BMP’s, Body Armor and enough Amunition to fight a 10yr Cival War! This was never about Healthcare, it was about Transforming our Country into a Fascist Oligarchy, ruled by out of touch Elites, that can’t wipe their backsides, without help! Very sad that so many have missed the point of this whole Treasonous Presidency, very sad indeed! Welcome to the Fourth Reichstag!

    • Well said. There are a lot of factors in play. It started with the “Patriot Act”. which opened the door for the surveilance state . The world we live in today is full of opposites. Everything the empty suits and talking heads in positions of power say to us, ALL its effects are TOTALLY opposite. Upside down, backwards and unrecognizable for our country’s survival. Watch for all the “False Flags” in play right now to disarm all of USA citizens because elitist fear all of us who are awake & aware. Soft tyranny is happening. Welcome to the marxist, socialist, communist Poop-topia where we all will be equally poor.

  17. I do want Obama care complwetelu repealesd and no run arounds. What are you republicans doing down ther e with such half baked measures as you guys always seem to do. Come up with a single payer system to save us a lot of money. Who are you working for big business or we the people. if you guys cannot or won’t do the job we will vote you out.

  18. It’s pretty obvious from all the foregoing comments that most people are fed up with this government on both sides of the aisle. That’s why Trump and Carson are appealing to so many people. One of the comments above, about each representative to the federal government should be paid by his/her state instead of on the federal trough, makes lots of sense. And Heritage when you come out with an explanation of what’s happening that’s virtually not understandable – I’m an attorney who studied civics and government as well as constitutional law in college and law school, and even I can’t understand all this double-talk about what’s being tried and what needs to be done. Someone above said: Just do what you said you’d do when you were campaigning! Repeal o’care and de-fund planned parenthood!!!

  19. If you want to save our tax dollar then repeal Obamacare and refuse to send absolutely no money to Planned Parenthood! For once I’d like to see the Republican Party take a stance on real isses and not keep selling the America people that pay their taxes out.

  20. Americans voted in Republicans to fully repeal Obamacare. Its not a fuzzy concept. Please do your jobs. We don’t need democrat-lite RINO’s. We’ve always wanted Planned Parenthood defunded, if not on moral grounds, at least on conservative constitutional grounds; but now with their most recent atrocities in the spotlight it’s the perfect time. Again, do your jobs Republicans!

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