Action Alert: Our chance to make Iran recognize Israel statehood

The Obama administration is negotiating a deal with Iran on that nation’s nuclear program. Some conservative Senators believe Iran should be forced to recognize Israel’s right to exist before any deal can take effect.

However President Obama disagrees that Iran should recognize Israel as a state.

Senator Marco Rubio is pushing an amendment that would require the Obama administration to certify that Iran has publicly recognized Israel’s right to exist before America lifts sanctions on Iran.

Rubio’s amendment may be blocked – not allowed to come up for a vote.

Senate leaders will likely block this important amendment unless they feel the urgent and growing pressure from conservatives outside of Washington.

Take action today: Call your Senators and tell them to urge leadership to allow a vote on Rubio’s Israel amendment.

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2 thoughts on “Action Alert: Our chance to make Iran recognize Israel statehood

  1. Obama’s insatiable desire to give Iran nuclear freedom, even if it’s after 10 years, is anti-American. Just recently a high-placed Iranian official proclaimed “Death to America”. Iran also continues to promise that it will eradicate Israel. Since the US keeps saying that Israel is it’s close ally, how can the US relax restrictions on Iran’s nuclear potential without getting assurances that Iran recognizes Israel’s right to exist–as a Jewish state. If the Jewish nature of Israel is omitted, then the Iran’s goal along with the PA and Hamas, is a holocaust killing Israeli Jews. As it stands, Iran has sponsored global acts of terror against Jews, including in Argentina. Any rational loyal American would require Iran to unconditionally agree not to threaten or attack Israel. Of course, Iran never sticks to its promises anyway. That’s why the Obama deal with Iran is a sick joke making the US the laughing stock of the planet.

  2. Yes, Arnold, I quite agree !!
    Allow me to ADD :
    I believe I have already responded to several of these, letting it be known ,
    I Personally OPPOSE any such ” Deal ” with Iran made with such haste, and
    so little care for what this Country actually wants !. The response from
    Tehran since all this, should give any sane Government Pause !!!
    Whenever, in the History of the United States have we EVER ” Dealt ”
    with Terrorists to meet their demands !!!??? As I recall , the usual mantra,
    when a Ransom for a kidnapping or other abduction occurs, we make it clear ”
    We do not NEGOTIATE with Terrorists !!” How is this any different , i ask !!??
    IRAN is essentially holding ISRAEL Hostage over these so-called Negotiations !
    Also, IF we could only read and understand the ” FINE PRINT ” and Secret
    side-deals and other such blatant attempts to Hide the WHOLE TRUTH….such
    things that would surely negate the veracity of any such agreement, in the normal
    affairs of Men…..would such behavior stand up in a COURT of LAW !!!?????
    Donald Trump got it right when he observed that Political Correctness has Trumped
    common sense ( Pun intended ! ) and the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth,
    well that’s just inconvenient to today’s White House !
    What kind of Agenda does the White House actually have,…??? when they know
    a truly Democratic society would never tolerate such ‘Supreme Leader ‘ tactics as they
    themselves impose on their own people !??? Does he actually Admire Iran’s leadership
    and desire the same for us !!!???
    And he ignore’s the majority opinion ! IS This is no longer America :’ By the People’ ??
    THE END of America !!!???? Is this Obama’s ” VISION ” for a NEW AMERICA !???

    One that has long since been replaced by that most ‘Special’ of all interest groups :
    the 1 or 2 % Wealthiest people in this Country ! ( World ? ) What a shame ( sham, as well )

    ( Its definitely time for a new President !! Sooner than 2016, would be my choice…..)

    OR …..

    …..CONGRESS can choose to STEP UP up to the Plate and Demand transparency and
    ALL HONESTY in these affairs ….they certainly have in other concerns…why not NOW !??
    Are we Too divided now ,as a Country to do the RIGHT thing !!? Can’t agree what that is !?
    If so, Then we have become something ELSE, something OTHER than AMERICA…..
    Have we become an HARLOT , who turns over her private Dignity and personal integrity
    for Wealth ??????
    Is this what “WE THE PEOPLE” really want !!!!!???? Wouldn’t our Nations Founding
    Fore Fathers be Enraged by all this !!???? To become , once again, the British, that they
    fought so hard to be FREE from !!!!?? ( i.e. as they were in the 1600’s & 1700’s )
    Let US Take a STAND (up) for what this great country actually IS , in spite of today’s
    so-called Leadership that has obscured the truth…. and let US restore Her to Her former
    Dignity and Integrity !

    NOTICE : IF we allow the Sanction $$$ to return to Iran, then what need have they to
    re-invent THE BOMB !!???
    Couldn’t They just buy some Nuc-Warheads from altogether too willing a partner
    found in RUSSIA, and North Korea , and who knows who else !!!?????
    And the long range Missiles to reach US, after they have fulfilled their age-old dream of eradicating Israel !!!
    Just Insane….. Is that a correct description of them or US(A) ????

    Dan Brewton
    San Diego, Ca.

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