Repeal Effort Alive and Well as Obamacare Turns Five

“When I sign this bill, all of the overheated rhetoric over reform will finally confront the reality of reform.”

That was President Barack Obama’s hope five years ago when he signed Obamacare into law.  His claim was not without historical precedent, as Social Security, Medicare and even Medicaid were swiftly accepted by Republicans.  And to be fair, some leading Republicans even said full repeal of Obamacare was “frankly a distraction.”

Fortunately, conservatives all around the country and conservative leaders in Congress refused to accept “no repeal” as the Republican Party’s position.   Five years later, Obamacare’s grip on our economy and health care choices has hardened, but it has not calcified.  The Associated Press casually noted “permanence of the president’s achievement remains in question” to this day.

The law’s future remains uncertain because full repeal has become the Republican Party’s position – a position that delivered a historic majority in the House and the first Senate majority in nearly a decade.  Now it is time for those majorities to continue the fight against Obamacare by sending a bill to repeal all of Obamacare to the President’s desk.

Doing so will send a signal to everyone – hospitals, insurance companies, politicians, lobbyists and voters – that Obamacare will be repealed in 2017 if Republicans hold the House and Senate and win the White House next year.

Obama’s signature achievement, a policy that has hurt millions of Americans, could be wiped from the books in less than two years.  To accomplish that though, Republicans in Congress must begin leading.


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3 thoughts on “Repeal Effort Alive and Well as Obamacare Turns Five

  1. Who is Michael Needham? I Googled him just now after watching him this morning on TV. He stood out on this particular panel by pointing up “Courage, Honor and Sacrifice” as principles…worthy of mentioning on TV. We celebrated Victory, the victory of 70 years ago, on Friday, May 8. I watched a moving ceremony, later, honoring that very “courage, honor and sacrifice.” Then I recalled Patrick J. Buchanan’s book, a work that questions everything…except, I take it, the principles of courage, honor and sacrifice. We live in confusing, dangerous, difficult and even alarming times. I’ve made a note of Mr. Needham’s strong character and his remarkable well-spokenness. Last night I stayed up late watching several Republicans speak in South Carolina. Also enjoyed very much Dr. Ben Carson, this morning, with Chris Wallace. Contrary to one view, one Republican, at least, has stepped up and gone out on a limb: Scott Walker. Others, of course have done so. The stage is set. Hillary is putting out strong opinions and policy positions. These will be attractive to many states. But she is up against it. No problem. She and Bill are used to fighting! Guru Larry Sabato puts the election, at this moment, in terms of the Electoral College (270 votes)–at 50/50. My guess is that Cruz and Walker and other tough-talking Republicans are banking on what George Bush 41 once called THE BIG MO, that is momentum. Right now, it’s a little silly to think in those terms. But if we see a spate of Garland Texas-type incidents in the next few months, Hillary could have even a tougher battle fighting a large turnout in favor of what Scott Walker brilliantly calls SAFETY. If the Republicans can get it together and UNITE, they have a good chance. If not the MACHINE WILL KILL THEM IN A CLOSE ONE. That’s my opinion.

  2. Mike, I have heard you on TV, from time to time.but tonight I wanted to find out more about
    you. I am much older than you, I am 74 years old, also one of my best friends, and
    busng not to the article, but to begin a dialogue of with you.Smathers was born in 1913, and was 28 years older than me..but if you google his name, you will find, he contributed much ot system of government. and he was the best friend of John F. Kennedy, and in his wedding, so throughout the years, I met many many important people, including several Governor’s in Washington, as he had a place at Watergate. So I have many stories, in his office one day, when President Nixon Called, and since I read a lot, I have found that not one book almost ever written on any President that in Index my great friend Senator George A. Smathers is mentioned. and of course he had pictures of so many Presidents on his wall in office in Washington signed by the Presidents, but..America Has Lost It, because when a free nation betrays it’s own heritage, it has no heart left, certainly no conviction ( No One is Taught History ), by which to stand up to foreign aggressors, permitting our borders to become an open sore, with no remedy year after year after year…this is not only sad..but our leadership, our morality is broken, and honestly we are a sinking ship…so I want to keep in toucn Rand,,” We need a philosophy of reason and of rational self interest, a philosophy that would once again release the power of man’s mind and the energy inherent in his pursuit of happiness…Nothing less will save America or individual rights ” end of quote..Ayn Rand said this in a lecture she gave at Ford Hall Forum on April 20, 1986.

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