Keeping Focused on Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

To:             Interested Parties
From:       Heritage Action for America
Date:         January 27, 2015
Subject:   Keeping Focused on Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

Lawmakers have one month to pass a discretionary funding measure for the Department of Homeland Security that denies funding and resources for President Obama’s amnesty programs. Although the House-passed DHS appropriations bill (H.R. 240) 1 has yet to be considered in the Senate, Politico reported some Republicans were already “exploring ways of escaping their political jam on immigration, with steps that could avoid a funding cutoff for the Department of Homeland Security while letting conservatives vent their anger at President Barack Obama.”  Such actions are premature, as Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) explained to the Washington Examiner:

“You usually don’t know for sure where these fights wind up until you have them. And this is an important one for us to have. We need to have this fight, and then we’ll see where it goes.”

Win the Fight
Some may be tempted to point to vote counts in the Senate and claim that there is a need for compromise legislation. Senator Blunt’s comments bear repeating: You usually don’t know for sure where these fights wind up until you have them.

Voters demanded more than merely a fight in November; they voted to stop the President’s reckless overreach. Forcing debate the issue through votes is just the first step. If Republicans are to deliver on their mandate, they must make the case for immediate action and force the President and his allies to defend these dangerous, unlawful policies.

At least five sitting Senate Democrats have expressed opposition to President Obama’s latest executive actions, which would grant quasi-legal status, work permits and Social Security numbers to those who are in the country illegally.

  • Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN): “It is clear the immigration system in this country is broken, and only Congress has the ability to change the law to fix it…I am as frustrated as anyone that Congress is not doing its job, but the president shouldn’t make such significant policy changes on his own.” (“Donnelly sees
    Obama immigration move as too much,” The Courier-Journal, 11/20/14,
  • Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO): “Our immigration system is broken, and I support a comprehensive plan to fix it, but executive orders aren’t the way to do it.” (“Local Lawmakers Oppose Obama’s Immigration Action,” KOLR10 News, 11/20/14,
  • Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV): “I disagree with the President’s decision to use executive action to make changes to our immigration system, and I disagree with the House’s decision to not even take a vote on the bipartisan Senate legislation that overwhelmingly passed in June 2013.” (“Obama announces immigration plan; WV reps react,” MetroNews, 11/20/14,
  • Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND): “I’m disappointed the president decided to use executive action at this time on this issue, as it could poison any hope of compromise or bipartisanship in the new Senate before it has even started. It’s Congress’ job to pass legislation and deal with issues of this magnitude.” (“Obama fails to convince some Dems on immigration,” Politico, 11/20/14,
  • Sen. Angus King (I-ME): “I worry that his taking unilateral action could in fact inflame public opinion, change the subject from immigration to the president. I also have constitutional concerns about where prosecutorial discretion ends and unconstitutional executive authority begins.” (“GOP leaders warn ‘impeachment’ is a dirty word,” Politico, 11/19/14,

Two more expressed concern before the announcement:

  • Sen. Al Franken (D-MN): “‘I have concerns about executive action,’ said Franken, who had previously declined to comment, in a statement Thursday. ‘This is a job for Congress, and it’s time for the House to act.’” (“Senate Democrats Urge President Obama To Delay Immigration Order,” Politico, 9/5/14,
  • Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA): “A big issue like immigration, the best way to get a comprehensive solution is to take this through the legislative process.” (“Warner: ‘Right decision’ to delay on immigration,” The Hill, 09/08/14,

Read the entire memo.


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88 thoughts on “Keeping Focused on Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

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  3. Executive action is Unconstitutional and grounds for removal along with the litany of crimes committed by ovomit, Holder, reid, piglosi, etal.
    THey need to be removed from office, tried, found guilty and executed for treason, extortion, fraud, theft, misuse of government property.

  4. My “representative” backs everything 0bama does, and there’s no chance at all she will do anything but continue to support his illegal amnesty,

      • we need to do it. She’s up in ’16. We need to run herass out of DC and the state if you ask me. She’s lies about so much. Did you know a few years back she won the award for being the dumbest person in Congress. She always looks so mean and fat in the pictures. Poor unhappy thing.

    • So does mine, the left-wing lunatic Alan Gray. Apparently Republicans didn’t think the seat was worth contesting; Grayson’s Republican opponent ran an invisible campaign.

    • My favorite alternative to impeaching, convicting, trying and imprisoning Obama is to withhold Secret Service protection after he leaves office.

  5. All of them who want this are lawless outlaws. They need to be shut down legally. So many of the people who do not know their country’s history or way of life as it has been for 200 years have been brainwashed and don’t question what the leadership does anymore. Washington could order a Hitler style holocaust right here in the States and the liberals wouldn’t say a word. Mutiny…Treason! Over and over again. I can’t figure out why they are still in there. It doesn’t make sense. I guess the govt. has been completely severed from the country and the what the legal documents say or what the people want is no longer an issue. Our country has been taken over by communist/socialists and terrorists!

    • While watching The Sons of Liberty last week I was reminded how perfectly the Declaration of Independence describes the States’ current relationship with the federal government. It’s time to dismantle the federal government and start over, this time with severe criminal penalties for official misconduct and ironclad requirements for candidate background checks.

      • I whole-heartedly agree Sapienthetero. Thank you for your input. The States and people are supposed to be in charge. Therefore, we have a rogue govt. that has taken over the country and is doing whatever it wants to the states and the people. They need to be stopped, Immediately. I don’t think a lot of us will survive the next two years if this Administration’s – Obama’s plans continue to be carried out, “literally,” especially concerning the Islamic Muslims and their “assisted and promoted by Obama” invasion into this country- jihad terrorist training camps and all.

  6. Obama’s illegal refusal to enforce the law as written by deporting illegal aliens is alone grounds for impeachment; his creation of new law by granting them “legal” status demands a response.

    Obama’s failure to honor his oath of office is made even more galling by the high probability that he was never qualified to hold the office in the first place. As Harry Reid would say, “There’s no proof that Obama wasn’t born in Kenya of Kenyan parents.”

  7. I am a liberal; however, I strongly disagree with our President! However, I am a bit saddened by the hostility and disrespect shown toward the leader of our country. I show support for deregulation of gun laws and immigration reform, but NOT because I hate our Pesident. Must everyone be so quick to say nasty things about him? Remember, I’m not the only democrat (liberal) that disagrees with OUR President. Please people, don’t be so quick to attack liberals. Personally, I disagree with both parties at times, but have never been so disrespectful to slam radical Republicans or Republican Presidents. Believe me people, some of us liberals are not that bad! Also, some of my best friends are Republicans:-)

    • Thank you Renee, for being so honest and Candid. I am glad to see you are thinking for yourself. This is so much more than what so much of the population is doing in this generation. Both parties have now gone bad, and they need to be either dismantled our brought back under the control of the people.

    • I’m afraid that too much of “civil discourse” these days is not very civil. When did we start this vile personal bullying? You are absolutely correct that anyone of us agrees and disagrees with The Party Line, which ever party that may be. We need to each reach out to others individually, agree where we agree and act on those issues first. We should be citizens first and party member second.

      • Nicely stated! Educated debate is always stimulating! I must point out that I criticise my fellow party members that lump all republicans into the beliefs of the far right. Personally, I receive information from both parties so I can educate myself on the current issues. My beliefs are based upon the information that I receive and what makes sense to me in regards to my beliefs. I have an issue with people who resort to name calling, disrespect of our President (even if our beliefs are contrary to his), and racism of any kind. I have been around to see many Republican Presidents and although I didn’t always agree with their decisions, I have never, ever personally attacked them. They were elected by the people. Again, I am against some of the issues presented by our President; hence, I write to my senators and share my concerns in an assertive manner. Please people, express yourselves but please leave the name calling and personal attacks to the next group of political candidates up for office… Lol

    • Disrespect? Please. We have a taqiyya practicing president and you want us to respect him? For what? His nice teeth? He’s not doing ANYthing for America. He, in action and NON action, is the most anti American president or Senator we’ve ever come close to having.
      Watch the 10 Part Course on the MB in America by Frank Gaffney on Youtube. You are looking thru too many lenses.
      You are going to support a person who says: “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” He’s spent how many Millions $ to hide his own record?

      • I never said I support anyone… I said I respect the President of the U.S.. In fact, I said that I disagree with his stance on immigration. Isn’t that what the information in the above article is about? You are probably too young to have witnessed Republican Presidents who made aweful decisions (and I mean aweful). My point is simple… Hate the decisions, but show some respect. You may be correct about me “looking through too many lenses”; however, I am not so ‘one lense focused’ to not be educated on all of the issues concerning our legislation. Your opinion on the President has been noted:-)

        • That’s the point. He’s NOT the president. He never has been. He wasn’t elected. He was enabled. He does not have any credentials for the office–he has three social security numbers, has been involved in numerous frauds and suspicious activities, has a dubious past, and his biological father was a British citizen.They crammed this reject down our throats anyway. It cost a billion bucks to put him in office, and he blew 800 trillion before he’d been in office three years. Excuse me if I think tarring and feathering is a suitable activity–for the entire mass of idiots in Congress who have not yanked this treasonous poseur out of this office he in no way deserves or is remotelyy qualified for and slammed him in Gitmo in the hands of those people he likes to hand other people over to. He can get a taste of his own interrogation methoids.

          • Our President wasn’t elected? Twice? To be honest with you, I can’t even begin to debate your comment because you totally lost me. I think I will stick to debates with others on this site that are able to respectfully define their thoughts and beliefs, while allowing me to do the same.

          • There is a large group of people, me included, that believe that the election process has been corrupted.

            In a nutshell, this is how I believe the corrupted process goes.

            The media announces that the election is going to be close. They cite poles as facts to lend some credibility to their statements. All this is to set the publics expectations.

            All the while, the 10% controllers on the two sides sit in a dark room somewhere and play rock, paper, scissors to pick two “Controllable” candidates for us to choose from and the one most controllable candidate as the winner.

            Ultimately, the people, vote, and sure enough it was close, the chosen one wins 52% to 48%. The winners do a happy dance, the losers go home and lick their wounds. Nobody questions the results, nobody realizes that the votes were never counted and everybody has been disenfranchised.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

            Joseph Stalin

            Sorry, it seems you have landed in conspiracy central. 🙂

          • lol… Just lol! Where are the electoral college members in your theory? Maybe I shouldn’t ask because this may start an entire new theory… Lol

          • Just my theory, and I am glad it amuses you.
            I hadn’t really thought about the electoral college members, but in the final analysis they fit into my current theory. I believe they are chosen and controlled just like the rest of the process. Their entire input has been reduced to a mathematical formula, hasn’t it? Just listen to the talking heads on the news. They are even REPORTING where the party needs to insert the fake ballots.
            I’ll offer this as an example. During the 2008 Dem Convention the delegates drafted and passed their Party platform. Some astute reporter read the thing and discovered that the platform didn’t mention God. Fox started reporting that for the first time in history a parties platform was “Godless”. At the time the Country was sensitive to 0bama’s religious leanings as nobody knew that much about the guy. The powers that be (0bama and the controllers) had an emergency meeting and decided to put ONE mention of God back into the platform. But they had to get the amendment passed by the delegates. They took a vote, and the atheist FAR outnumbered the Christians and the verbal vote was obviously defeated. In other words, the delegates were perfectly fine with having a Godless platform. They tried a second time, defeated again. On the third time, it was audibly defeated but the verdict was passed, despite a clear majority of the delegates wishes.
            That example shows how the system can be manipulated. BTW in 2012 the Democrat party platform was ratified without the word God in it and the party platform is now Godless. Did you know that?

    • I appreciate the respectful and cordial tone of your post, Renee. Sadly, many of the liberals I’ve encountered online and off have been tremendously deceitful, rude, vulgar and monstrously intolerant and hypocritical. Such individuals don’t merit polite discourse, regardless of their political leanings. That said, I’d welcome brisk, open and civilized debate with you, provided you remain as mannered as you have in this post.

      • Absolutely! Thank you for welcoming me and know that I do agree with the arguments of the information in the article above. Again, I totally disagree with our President on immigration and have written to my senator with my concerns for allowing millions of people to become ‘legal’ when they came here illegally! I’d love to see any other country respond to such foolishness the way our President has responded! I am a firm believer in checks and balances! He definitely overstepped his boundaries by taking this action. He threw the constitution out the window and ‘We the people” should demand that this policy on immigration is reversed! We must all come together as ‘One Party’ and demand that he not be allowed to enact his policy!

    • Renee,

      What a wonderful post. Thank you.

      My first post was 2.5 years ago. I naively made my first post on a youtube video done by Jon Stewart. where I disagreed with Jon. Although my post was civil, the responses were anything but civil. I found out immediately that civility had been lost on the web. People posting anonymously can be very cruel and they were.

      I am also not the kind of person to back down, in fact, my rule is to push back just as hard as they push me, never start, but always finish. My Dad used to say, what goes around comes around. And it seems that I have been pushing back ever since that first post.

      That is, until I read your post. Again, thank you for re-introducing civility to the internet.
      I have always stated that there are good people (Liberals) in the Democrat party, but the party has been hijacked and is controlled by disrespectful Liberal Progressives (Socialists). I believe that the people in both parties are being controlled by the extreme 10%. Those two 10% are fighting for the 80% left in the middle. I think you would view me way to the right, but you will be surprised to know that I do not always agree with everything Republican, nor do I always disagree with everything Democrat.
      As for respecting President Obama. The man lied to all of us, the lies have been proven. Multiple times. Lying in my mind is the ultimate form of disrespect. He had my respect and I gave him the benefit of doubt, until he was proven a liar. Again, what goes around, comes around.

      So short of President Obama coming clean and admitting to his lies about ACA and asking forgiveness, showing him respect is an awful lot to ask for.
      Again, Thank you.

      • I agree with you 100%! But hasn’t every President lied? I did not vote for Obama, nor did I vote for our last President. I guess I just grew up in an era where we disagreed with political decisions our President made, but didn’t blatently attack him personally. My goodness, the first post I read refered to him as ‘the colored boy”. The next one that caught my eye refered to having him executed. I came on this site because I was NOT in support of his actions of late and wanted to share my thoughts with others. Unfortunately, what I saw scared me a bit. I was am very thankful to see that there are many people who welcomed me. People who understand that I don’t accept what our President is and has been doing. Does it really matter what party I am associated with? Obviously, to people like you it does not:-) Thank you for your wonderful note and know that I stand behind your view point. People need to cast party affiliation aside and work together to stop our President! I hope we can pull enough people together for our voice to be heard!

        • Correction, Every President has been accused of lying. There is a huge difference between being accused and being a proven liar. One deserves the benefit of doubt, the other doesn’t deserve anything. On the web, if you repeat something enough times, all the sudden, it becomes a truth.

          To my knowledge only two Presidents have been PROVEN a liar, and only one, President 0bama has kept his office after being proven a liar. (How is that for a precedent?) Nixon resigned rather than face the consequences. Please correct me if I am wrong.

          I have to laugh because your first time web experience is turning out to be very similar to what mine was. Except all the wrath was directed at me personally. I was called a moron, idiot, and so much worse, including a troglodyte, And then I was ridiculed for having to look up the meaning. (I was innocent enough to publically acknowledge that I wasn’t aware of the words meaning.

          I found it appalling just how close minded and almost brainwashed people were. This behavior is a mob mentality. So buckle up, put on your thick skin, because the truth is very hard to defend.

          It is all about control. Those 10% on each side know that. The 10% on the Left now control the media, Schools, Unions, and Democrats.
          I agree with you 100% about stopping the President, but it is not just the President, it is his ideology that needs to be stopped.

          The Liberal Progressive Socialists (No offence to the liberals out there) are pure evil. They have also been called Alinsky Radicals, socialists, communists, the left, etc. They control things like public opinion through the media, they control what we teach our children, forced Union dues is a form of enslavement.

          The media is corrupt. It is owned and controlled by these evil people. I believe their intent is to break down Capitalism in America and “Rebuild” America under a socialist society. Which will in turn be ruled by a dictator, who will in turn execute all opposition to his/her rule.

          Currently the breakdown can be simplified to:

          Republicans = rule under Capitalism
          Democrats = rule under Socialism
          Republicans began recognizing the corruption at the top of their party, and are in the process of rooting out the corruption.
          I am confident you are a sign that the Democrats are awakening to the facts that they too are being controlled by corrupt individuals.
          I also believe that the 80% of the People can unite and eradicate the corruption from both parties.

  8. As a former registered democrat, I never really wanted to vote for Obama.. The first time I had no choice but to vote for him. The Republicans made the HUGe mistake by picking ignorant, big mouth idiot Sarah Palin to run on the ticket with McCain.. I also could never vote for a religious cult member that never worked an honest day in his life and was caught hiding his money outside the US.
    .So please, give me and millions of others a better candidate to vote for in 2016. How about someone that will actually work for the american people, will secure the borders, will deport every single illegal alien, will charge the employers of illegals large fines, make english only in our schools, end medicaid for illegal women to birth their children in the US, put a stop to paying unemployment, social security disability benefits and workmens compensation to the people that NEVER paid a time in to our social security system. Is there such a candidate out there? I want to hear from him or her.

    • With the EEOC ruling that status cannot be used as a reason not to hire, and millions of legal work permits already issued since 2009 to illegals, it is really hard for employers to not hire illegals without breaking some other agencies ruling.

      • Yes, those laws and rulings…..During my recent emergency room visit, I had to provide my driver’s license and insurance card before I was processed for admission. At the window less than 2 feet from me was a man that couldn’t speak any english and his comments were in spanish. He was not asked to produce any kind of identification or insurance information. After he left to be treated, the clerk told me that they were not allowed to question non-english speakers. He had stated to her that he was from Mexico and asking him to produce identifacation could be seen as profiling. The same policy (or law) applies to the school system. Yet, a policeman can ask me at any time for identification. Special treatment for illegal aliens. What a crock!

      • Our pResident has told the companies that they will get a $3000 bonus for hiring illegals AND they are exempt from giving them unACA.

    • Richka,
      With all due respect, your knowledge of Sarah Palin, McCain, and Romney is the result of a corrupt and controlled media that has been spreading nothing more than propaganda.
      I encourage you to question all sources of media, never trust an one source, and try to verify all that you hear. Just because something is repeated a dozen times on the internet does not mean that it is true, or ever was true.
      After you have collected and question as much information as you can.
      Vote your conscience.

      • MAHB001,
        Also with due respect to you, my opinion of airhead Sarah Palin comes from meeting her back in Harry Reed’s home town of Searchlight, NV at a tea party rally. She is truly clueless and speaks without having the slightest idea about what she is even talking about. On the other hand, I like and respect John McCain very much and would have voted for him had it not been for the scary thought that he might die during his presidency and this flaky uneducated woman would be in charge of our lives and our country.
        I also grew up and still live in Mormon country. This clanish cult keeps better track of their member’s finances than the IRS does. They also tell their members who to vote for.
        So, you can see that the media BS means absolutely nothing to me. I go strictly by first hand experiences.

        • More power to you. It is just that your rhetoric IS the mantra of the Liberal Controlled media. Who use their influence and their propaganda to limit peoples choices, in turn telling them how to vote.
          I believe you will get your wish, as there is a fresh group of candidates considering running.
          My bet is that the Left Stream Media will find something wrong with all of the Conservative ones. And their influence and propaganda is far more reaching than that of the Mormon clan you speech of.
          Keep defending the truth, and stay informed.

          • We are not even on the same page. I don’t need you to tell me that the media distorts the truth as much as many politicians do. I am probably the most conservative person you will ever come across. I mourn the loss of morality and decency, condemn rhe drug culture and most of all the race baiting that is in full force with the support of the president and his cronies. As to my vote in 2016, I’m taking a closer look at Rand Paul and hope that he is as concerned for the future of this country as I am.
            At this time I am watching the first vote on the immigration bill on CSPAN2. . Hopefully we have the 60 votes to pass it and overturn the president’s amnesty order.

        • Watching Palins lack of rhetoric as she attempted to convince the nation that she/McCain would make good Presidential candidates must have been extremely embarrassing for him. I definitely would have voted for him if he had a better running mate. No media involvement in my thoughts on Palin… I had the displeasure of seeing her incompetency with my very own eyes!

  9. ALL of you need to stop the petty bickering amongst yourselves and START doing what is best for our COUNTRY!!! Our “President” is not a stupid man. Actually he is quite intelligent! He has been pursuing his own agenda right from the start and it is NOT for the betterment of this country. His goal all along has been to destroy America and its economy. THAT is what is really behind his agenda of “amnesty”. It is time we LEARNED from history! there have been three occasions in the history of this country when a concerted effort was made to round up illegals and deport them back to from where they came. THAT is what saved the U.S. economy then, and that is what would save it now! NOT AMNESTY! But Obama knows that!

  10. Why is it you guys can’t get on the same page and get something done for America? YOU won the elections to take over the majority, now your acting like a bunch of bullies among yourselves with no direction except for this stupid pipeline that WILL DO NOTHING FOR AMERICA, except pad your pockets with money from your owners. Well that needs to stop and if you do not disclose those funds, you must be held accountable and lose your pension and any other benefits you have.

    Get off your a s s and do the job America put you in office to do. Prove to us you are not a bunch of wild A s s H O L E S.

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  12. This (alleged) President is really the Manchurian Candidate! Without any question this man is trying to dived both the races and wealth classes. He wants anarchy!

  13. It needs to be taken through the legislative process to set the president that we and Obama still have to abide by the Constitutional balance of power where the chief executive must respect the law and execute it. The Constitutional issue is as important as the actual physical reality of the mayhem going on as a result of Obama’s policies at the border. In order to enforce the good immigration laws we have in an effective manner requires reigning in the President’s prerogative to ignore them.

  14. what constitution? that was put into effect to preserve rights as citizens because truly the government is supposed to work for the people and preserve the constitution but it constantly gets destroyed
    first lets tag all the violent criminals so they cant get work we will keep them segregated as hitler did to the jews then convince ourselves its not unconstitutional
    next we try to take guns so the people that need to protect themselves cant
    then lets allow thousands of illegal immigrants that already destroyed their country come destroy ours
    actually the ones that are supposed to protect this country do not exist they only line there pockets and its not about what is good for this country any more its about who will fund my campaign
    sad part is its been going on for allot of years obama is just more bold about it he dose not try to hide the fact he thinks he is above the law and the constitution can easily be amended again

  15. Blatant treason , WE THE PEOPLE aren’t being taken seriously the fed doesn’t give a rats you know what about any of us it’s about cheap labor outsourcing huge government contracts to foreign companies like we don’t have sufficient intelligence to handle these jobs , I personally know a 15 year old kid that could have done a better job on the obama care website and they just hired the same canadian company to fix some more stuff for 4.5 million the immunity has to stop across the board NO employee of the people should be above the LAW , I wonder how much of the national debt is owed to WE THE PEOPLE I don’t know about you but I’d like my little part back before they steal it all.

  16. As long as Repubs. do nothing, Emperor OBAMA will continue to do what he wants because our Const. is currently worthless. Give the 5 steps needed for an Immigration Policy and ask ICE to start implementing them. By-pass Obama, since he ignores any Congressional presence. He stuck his fingers in your eyes for 6 years, so just ignore him even if its unlawful— apparently, the Rule of Law has been suspended until we have a new Pres.

  17. the only thing our communist party leader obama will do is make it simpler for big business to maintain a slave labor force so they can over work and under pay actual citizens of the united soviet america also known as the peoples republic of china west land of the slave labor camp home of the illegal alien land where no m an is created equal

  18. It boggles my mind that Obama would veto the DHS funding bill, readily admitting that itll lay off Americans, which Americans are the ones paying for the DHS, and are who the DHS is supposed to be protecting, so that Obama can protect illegal immigrants who are here breaking our laws. He says hes for Americans, for paychecks, for protecting us, representing what we want. but in one sentence “Dont defund my executive order or americans will lose their paychecks” proves that all is bull.

    • 0bama has been successful at diverting most of the blame for his controversial wishes to Congress and the right.
      If he vetoes the funding bill, he owns this policy, he owns, the illegal immigrant issue and We the People need to hold him accountable.

      • To bad you can’t say that under your real name but then again would not expect that from a coward of the Tea Party.

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  24. I believe this is called blackmail! That is the word I was taught for it. President Obama is very effective at blackmail and he always comes out looking like the hero

  25. HR240 which is currently being kept from going to the Senate floor for a vote by Democrats and Dean Heller of Nevada funds DHS through the rest of this fiscal year. If there are any employees that will have to be furloughed I believe they might be employees working on the DACA and PACA programs which would be defunded including all monies and fees appropriated by DHS. This fight is truly simple. The president gets the bill he wants on his desk including his executive actions on amnesty or we stand up and tell the president and his administration no, this is not who we are as a nation. There are other solutions that don’t put our national security at risk.

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