Make the Call Now to Fight Obama’s Amnesty

Thursday’s House Vote is for Show

House Republicans are planning to give up their only leverage over Barack Obama and Harry Reid. They want to pass a long-term spending bill that doesn’t defund the President’s executive amnesty. Instead, they are planning a show vote today against Obama’s amnesty, and then promising to fight anew next year.

This course of action is unacceptable. If they’re not willing to fight now, experience tells us they won’t ever be.

Call Now

The only leverage Republicans have over Reid and Obama right now is to restrict funds from being used to implement Obama’s amnesty. Remember, the American people just spoke loud and clear on this issue through the midterm elections.

Even the media sees the current plan as a useless gambit, describing it as a way to give “GOP lawmakers an outlet to vent some of their frustrations” with Obama’s amnesty. It does nothing to block his unilateral, unlawful changes which include granting quasi-legal status, work permits and Social Security numbers to those who are in the country illegally.

>> Tell your Representative to fight Obama’s unilateral amnesty.

The House needs to respond now, not next year. Americans expect real action, not a show vote. Conservatives in Congress must use the power of the purse to block President Obama’s executive actions–actions which are opposed even by some in his own party.

Thank you for taking this vital message to your Representative: Fight Obama’s Amnesty!

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Make the Call Now to Fight Obama's Amnesty

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Tell your Representative to fight Obama's unilateral amnesty

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Call your Representative: Thursday's House Vote is for Show

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8 thoughts on “Make the Call Now to Fight Obama’s Amnesty

  1. A man of God has to lead this country and its present leadership out of the wilderness.
    I’m praying that Ben Carson is that man.
    America is thirsting for common sense and love of fellow man; we have to turn the ship around and destroy the evil around us.
    Run Ben Run !!!

  2. Haven’t we ALL had about enough of this crap?
    I strongly suggest that after the 2016 elections the Heritage Action for America, the Heritage Foundation, the Tea Party and every other CONSERVATIVE organization in this country join forces to establish a viable third party. It is LONG OVERDUE. And there are plenty politicians and citizens waiting in line to sign up. You can bet the ranch on it.

    • I could not agree with you more. I believe the Tea Party was started on the feeling that we are Taxed Enough Already. And that EVERYBODY in America basically feels that way. On both sides.
      But the controlling powers on both sides did not want to lose the power they had attained, so they used the media to marginalize the movement.
      I also believe that the bias in the media has to be removed before any conservative or third party movement will stand a chance.
      That is why I started We are boycotting ABC, NBC, and CBS Evening News with the intent to get them to remove their bias, or lose their advertisers.
      Please forgive this shameless plug, but visit the site, and join up. With numbers, we can remove the bias in the media.

  3. I wrote to my representative in the House. She replied she was committed to using all the tools at their disposal to stop Obama’s illegal immigration plan. But she voted for this bill and now it has passed. What action can we take now? If we let this immigration plan become implemented over the next few months until October, it will be much harder to stop.

  4. Sent you a tweet about a petition from our conservative organization, Bear Witness. Located in Jacksonville, Florida. We are very active in Florida against Obama’s executive actions and all liberal legislation. We are also politically involved in support of conservative candidates in federal, state, and county levels. Our organization is mostly composed of American citizens of Hispanic heritage. We are opposed to Obama’s amnesty, favor border security and more power to the states. We wish to reach out to American citizens of Hispanic origin who support our stand on Immigration and against amnesty. The petition with signatures will be personally taken to the offices of leaders in Congress. The website for signing the petition is:
    God bless

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