Heritage Action to Key Vote Blank Check for Amnesty

Next week, the Republican-controlled House is planning to vote on a government spending bill.  The so-called cromnibus, as currently described, would not block the implementation of President Obama’s recently announced changes to our nation’s immigration laws.  Those changes include granting quasi-legal status, work permits and Social Security numbers to those who are in the country illegally.  Heritage Action will key vote against the bill unless it contains legislative language that stops the implementation of the President’s unlawful amnesty program.  As Heritage Action’s chief executive officer Michael A. Needham said earlier this week, “The fight is now, not next year.  Americans expect real action, not a show vote.”

Additionally, Heritage Action will not score in favor of the bill (H.R. 5759) offered by Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) 83% because it is purely symbolic.

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6 thoughts on “Heritage Action to Key Vote Blank Check for Amnesty

  1. Excellent. Go get them, Heritage Action.

    It is an interesting thing: I see so many supporters of the President’s illegal action saying “Congress can’t use a rider to defund a ‘self-funding’ agency.” … But the same people who are saying this sure are screaming a lot about it. Wonder what they are so worried about if they really believe what they are saying. Hm.

    • Thanks for asking the question, VJ. I am a Sentinel also and don’t know what a “key vote” is but intended to pretend I did (just kidding!). Sounds pretty important though.

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