Rescission Bill: A Blank Check for Amnesty

The “newest gambit” in the inevitable amnesty showdown is something called a Rescission Bill.  Yesterday, Rep. Hal Rogers, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, floated the idea to his colleagues:

“Chairman Rogers just got up and said if we pass an omnibus and then the president does this executive amnesty, he said we can rescind it, and we can rescind it with 218 and 51 and we don’t need the president.”

Small problem: it isn’t true.

As the Congressional Research Service (CRS) notes, “As budget authority providing the funding must be enacted into law, so too a rescission cancelling the budget authority must be enacted into law.”  Any rescission bill must be signed by President Obama, or 291 House members and 67 Senators must override his veto.  In other words, a rescission bill is no different than any other stand-alone bill Congress could pass that involves no special leverage or expedited process.

Heritage Action welcomes creative thinking from congressional Republicans so long as creativity is not a synonym for inaction or delay.  Clearly the promise of a future rescission bill is nothing more than a blank check for Obama’s executive amnesty.

UPDATE via National Review: “An Appropriations Committee aide acknowledged that Obama would sign the kind of bill Rogers proposes only if Republicans attached it to another ‘presidential priority.'”

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A rescission bill is the latest gambit to avoid confronting Obama's #amnesty.

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4 thoughts on “Rescission Bill: A Blank Check for Amnesty

  1. Agreed. That is why I went of on twitter @speakerboehner @GOPleader and @GOP yesterday and asked them “Rescission Bill??? are you fu@king crazy? ” I later apologized for my rant but really asked them if they really believed that would be effective. If the Leadership follows this path with any sort of long term CR they are frittering away the advantage many of us worked hard to achieve. Why walk blocks, make phone calls or contribute to election campaigns if they are just going to give it away. They need to understand political strategy a little bit better. We must hold to a strategy of countering the Presidents veto by making it painful for him to do so. But we must have the January 2015-Dec 2015 time period to do it in because the Iowa Caucus is in January 2016. At that point no one is going to be willing to play any sort of high stakes poker game with the Presidential Election looming. What part of this do they not understand? This is “The Prince” by Niccolò Machiavelli 101.

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