Act Now: Urge Congress to Fight Obama’s Amnesty

While it is impossible to know exactly what the text of the President’s new executive orders will contain, the press has gotten wind of several possible actions the administration could take.

Foremost, he is likely to expand the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This action would further prohibit as many as 12,000 immigration agents (according to the NYT) from enforcing the law. According to a recent study by the Migration Policy Institute, when all told, this specific change alone could result in anywhere from 430,000 to 1.9 million newly authorized immigrants.

The administration may also decide to extend deferred action (which will likely be accompanied by  new work permits) to illegal immigrants who are parents or spouses of those included under the DACA  umbrella. This expansion could reach as many as 3.8 million new immigrants, according to the same  study.

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Other unilateral options include exempting those convicted of non-violent crimes from removal proceedings, protections for employed farm workers who have entered illegally, and foregoing removal orders that are a certain number of years old. Depending on how far back the memorandum extends, this policy could conceivably incorporate the majority of the 11 million illegal immigrants currently living inside our borders.

Americans, having voted against these policies in the midterm election, are rightly incensed.

The possibility of further executive action has resulted in even the pro-amnesty likes of Karl Rove calling on Congress to use “every tool available” to stop the President:

Put riders on appropriations bills that say no money shall be spent to execute this policy. Pass a bill that specifically holds him accountable… put the riders in there that say you can’t spend any money on these kinds of things.

Now is the time to tell your member of Congress it is up to him or her to demand the executive branch respects the parameters of the Constitution.

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Act Now: Urge Congress to Fight Obama's Amnesty

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Tell your members of Congress it is up to them to demand that Obama respects the Constitution. #amnesty

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17 thoughts on “Act Now: Urge Congress to Fight Obama’s Amnesty

    • Dear God, have mercy on our Country, WE NOW HAVE A DICTATOR IN OUR WHITE HOUSE. I did not vote for this fraud the first or second time. I felt a sicking feeling in my gut, the day i heard Obola say, he was going to CHANGE the Country. and now we are seeing the evil intention to the citizens of the USA, and the people who wanted our votes and ran on the lie that they will stop him have shone us that they had no intention of trying to use there power in the Congress. They are spineless, and they are just like him. The illegals are dancing in the streets,They are posting nasty messages on the White House face book page, calling the White and Black Citizens nasty names, “How is that” for being thankful to the people who are working so they will get all the free stuff from the tax payers. OBOLA the DICTATOR is about to rape the Citizens of the USA and there is no one stopping him. But who can box with Almighty God? Obola will find out who is in charge one day, and i hope it”s soon.

  1. OMG are you kidding me. How rude is this to the American people?? What about all the rest that went thru the legal process will they get there money back.

  2. How is this or anything we do going to stop this? If we don’t have a Congress to stop this, I don’t know who or how anyone can stop him. One would think our Congress, you know, those we vote for, who are suppose to be a cut above, would be screeching, but, they aren’t. I’m talking about democrats as well. Getting the feeling all of the federal government wants America transformed.

    • Why not just do as Reagan done when he made 3 million criminal illegals US Citizens with the stroke of his pen.
      Worked for Ronald and the Right Wingers love him, Obama should just do the same.

  3. I just received you newsletter on “There is only one surefire way to stop the President’s lawless amnesty actions!”

    I assess you are wrong. One other way and possibly the best way is for Rep Bob Goodlatte to initiate Impeachment proceedings for Sedition and Treason.

    Please forward this request to Impeach Barack Obama to Rep Goodlatte immediately.

    • We constitutionalists would like to see Obama impeached but given the makeup of the Congress it, regretfully, likely won’t happen. As wiser heads have commented it will tie-up and divide Congress for the rest of Obumbers term and just make voters angry.

      The smart this to do is force the Dems who are vulnerable in 2016 to accept voter approved legislation and actions or face the rath of the voters to more conservatives voted in. When voters learn of the real cost of Obumbers Immigration reform actions, as well as other measures he has, and is attempting to ram through, those who backed him will be ostracize.

  4. I am usually with the President but I wholeheartedly oppose his immigration policy. It will only condone more illegal aliens to cross the border. Stop this insanity now!!

  5. Obama should be arrested for treason after his speech……he will be ignoring Constitutional Law and he will have broken his Oath Of Office, to protect and defend the Constitution.

  6. I respect Ted Cruze and Mike Lee more than any other two people in government today. They were the only two people in congress who were willing to stand up for us, the American citizens, against Obama care, this unconstitutional law that robs us of our God given rights.

    Now who is going to stand up for the American legal citizens when it comes to massive importation of illegal aliens, who are going to live off the hard working American citizens. Do NOT fund this. Don’t wait until you take Obama to court. You saw what happened when he made is illegal appointments. By the time the court told Obama that he had broken the law, Mith McConnell had already agreed to approve all Obama’s appointments. McConnell is next to worthless.

    What people are saying is that the Democrates are evil and the Republicans are worthless. PLEASE make a difference. Have some backbone. Our country is falling apart. Honestly many of us wonder which side Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are on. They seem to spend more time trying to destroy honorable patriots than the evil left wing progressives trying to destory our country. I have lost respect for both of them. Especially McConnell after the last Republician primaries.

    Make a difference. Save our country. Make the effort to do the right thing. Respond with some level of intelligence. Don’t just agree with progressive press statement. Speak clearly. Tell the truth. This is wrong. So many American men and women have been so brave over the past two plus centuries. What happened to Congress. To fight will not even cost you your life.

  7. Heritage needs to send us a message to relay on to our GOP leaders that
    it will not hurt relations with Hispanics if we fight illegal immigration, the last polling shows that. Fight it or lose it for sure.

  8. I have read the comments, and I understand
    the anger, frustration, and disgust, but our rhetoric won’t win the day in this
    battle. What we should have learned from the last time impeachment was done, is
    that the president becomes a victim of hate. That doesn’t play well in the
    media, and we know that the media will make advocates of impeachment look
    really bad. Furthermore, politically speaking, the votes aren’t there in
    the Senate to convict.

    I do believe the best approach is to insure that there
    aren’t funds available to implement his executive orders. But since when has
    the law stopped the president from doing what he wants to do. He’s played this
    game quite well. I believe there are liberals who love this country, and are
    sickened by the over reach of power that has taken place. Those of us who are
    supporters of the GOP need to put pressure on members of Congress to take a
    stand regarding the president’s lawless action. The GOP establishment also
    wants amnesty, but they want to enact their version of amnesty for their own
    political gain. Congress relinquished their legislative duties to the executive
    branch by allowing departments and agencies to write regulations to implement
    legislation passed by Congress, and those rules have the force of law.
    This is why the EPA can tax coal without a single vote by Congress for

    Many of the
    representatives for whom we voted into office in 2010 aren’t with us, and yet
    we reelected them twice more. Even my state of Indiana isn’t as
    “red” as you’d think. I’ve looked at the Congressional
    scorecard, and when you see that the only congressman with a passing grade has
    a grade of 80% something, with the rest in the 50s and 60s, and we keep sending
    them back to Congress. They speak of limited government, but probably
    what they’re saying is not to limit expansive government, but to limit the effects
    of the American voter. This is happening at all levels of government, and
    we’re being taxed to death by our cities and towns. Because they don’t have the
    money, they take the cash from the Feds, with strings attached, and they pass
    along the tax by passing bond issues to fund their projects. Then they play the
    crony capitalist game by providing the money to developers to build whatever it
    is the public wants.

    In his speech last night
    he spoke of compassion. If we oppose his plan, then we’re heartless and cruel.
    We, who are conservatives, must somehow take the narrative of compassion away
    from the progressives. Progressivism is anything but compassionate. But their version of compassion comes at the
    expense of others, and it pits one group against another. It’s a balancing act
    that eventually must collapse, but the country is left in shambles.

    Compassion isn’t a
    collective proposition, but it is one of the individual heart.

    Getting back to the topic
    of the president’s “amnesty,” we should continue to make our points with
    Congress, and to get them to understand reason, and to disregard the media,
    because, they will never win them over. I do agree that Senator McConnell is
    merely playing a political game, and his objective is to make sure he maintains
    his seat in the Senate, and to support those large donors who bought his seat.
    He’s not alone in this matter, but many members of Congress are in this
    position, and they’ve become very comfortable with their lifestyle of living in
    proximity to the Belt Way.

  9. Michael McCaul, Charman of the House Homeland Security Committee and Bob Goodlatte Charman of House Judiciary Committee had written a very strong letter to Obama advising him to not execute his plan and instead work within the law of the Constitution. It can be found on Truth Uncensored and you can read Obama’s entire speech(double talk on what immigration/amnesty is).

  10. We have to raise the temperature in the room because Russ is correct that the GOP Congress wants to look like they’re doing something when they aren’t. Thus far I’m getting the stiff arm from my Congressman, Dan Webster (FL 10) and his staff. They actually have no position on the President’s Executive Action.

    The problem is twofold: 1) the polling on immigration is based on superficial presentations of the issue without the level of accurate, detailed information of who is included in the broad brush of “legalization” and the American citizens that it displaces (principally the lower income segments of our society with a disproportionate impact on the black population struggling with significantly higher unemployment than other sectors). In short the population is being “Grubbered” and the polling reflects this. 2) we are not providing an adequate outlet for those angry at this situation and I suspect that we all are getting the same stiff arm from the GOP establishment which wants a solution that fits their distorted optics as seen from D.C..

    I recommend Operation Quid Pro Quo: the legal inundation of our Federal Courthouses with visitors who can legally enter and visit the clerk, the courtrooms and use other resources to the point of both shutting down the security screening with the sheer volume but also forcing them to shut the doors when fire marshal capacity levels are reached. This has the value of shutting down or substantially hamstringing the conduct of business legally.

    This is a variant of the criminal defense bar’s “nuclear option” of rejecting all negotiated plea agreements and demanding jury trials for all their clients under the “speedy trial” requirements. This usually gets much discussion when the plea offers being made by the AUSA or State Attorney’s offices are so poor and inflexible that the defense bar has little to offer their clients. The threat of use of the “nuclear option” is powerful because it would create such a burden on the system that the government would have to start dismissing cases hand over fist because if they did not began the trial within the time frames required would result in the dismissal of the charges for violation of Constitutional right to a speedy trial.

    A two page explanation can be found here.

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