Email Congress to End Ex-Im

It is time to act. We have been engaged in the fight to end the Export-Import Bank all year. And now the fight has almost reached its pinnacle. Your action today could push it over the edge.

It’s less than two months—and only 10 legislative days—until the charter for the Ex-Im Bank expires. And you can help make sure it expires, and Ex-Im is ended, by emailing your Senators and Representative, simultaneously, now.

Take two minutes and email your Members of Congress against Ex-Im.

Our system will send your message directly to your Senators’ and Representative’s offices. With Congress in recess for August, your email will ensure that congressional staff spend their time explaining their boss’s position on Ex-Im. This is the perfect time to tell them that you want to end Ex-Im.

Your email to Congress will help chip away at the culture of cronyism in Washington.

Email Congress to End Ex-Im 

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One thought on “Email Congress to End Ex-Im

  1. As a suggestion. In the future you might want to include links to white papers and reports on exactly what the issue is, so people who do not really understand might have facts in hand before they go sending letters to their representatives. An informed letter to the Congress is much more effective than a letter that basically says “I oppose [whatever] because Heritage says I do.”

    Yes, I know they could look it up themselves. It does not hurt to nudge.

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