Sentinel Star Power

The Heritage Action Sentinels are engaging full force on the political battleground.

Check out this Wall Street Journal Letter to the Editor from Sentinel Clay Hamlin. Clay is the founder of the Hamlin Family Foundation and the CEO of CITRS, a non-profit character education company catering to K-12 schools.

Clay’s letter corrects a common misconception about immigration and the grassroots movement. He explained the grassroots is “solidly in favor” of reforms to our immigration system, including “securing our borders, allowing temporary guest workers where needed, using E-Verify, awarding green cards to highly educated foreigners who are potential ‘job creators,’ derailing ‘chain immigration’ and many other beneficial reforms.”  He then added this very important point:

“What they are against is legalization (amnesty) for persons breaching our borders illegally. They cannot understand why people who break our laws should be rewarded and why the U.S. intentionally coddles such people, unlike other countries in the world. They believe that all nations should be able to select the number and qualifications of immigrants they want and need, instead of being limited to choosing among a group of people who break into a country illegally.”

No one trusts President Obama to follow the law so immigration reform isn’t happening, and it shouldn’t, but Clay’s insights – you can be anti-amnesty while still acknowledging the current system is broken – and accountability efforts are another example of Sentinels taking the fight to the front line.

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"They are against is legalization (amnesty) for persons breaching our borders illegally"

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One thought on “Sentinel Star Power

  1. The
    Merry-Go-Round Turns

    Immigration Reform vs Immigration Amnesty

    many of you have attended an immigration court session for deportation?
    Probably almost none of you have sat through the proceedings. Before you
    finalize your opinions on these issues please let bring a few facts into the
    light. There is a difference in the following two headlines:

    1) Support Immigration Reform and

    Support Immigration Amnesty.

    If we support Immigration Reform we are looking at changing the current method
    of how we are dealing with immigration. It doesn’t mean that we are just
    opening our borders. It may mean that we can better document how to handle our
    current problem with illegal aliens. Currently, when we find an illegal alien
    who doesn’t have a criminal record of violence we charge them, let them go on
    their own recognizance and most times never see them again. Even if they come
    back or we keep them in jail awaiting trial they are living better than what
    they ran away from. If we decide to deport, in most cases, we contact the
    country that they came from and ask them to pay to have the deportee shipped
    home. In most cases the country says “No, we do not want them. You keep them.”
    If the person has the money they can elect to pay for their own deportation. Most
    of these people crowd our jails indefinitely and we have to release them to
    make room for more. We have to REFORM this procedure. So reform can be good or
    bad. It must first be defined and the statement expanded to, Reform to What? So
    just referring or claiming to love or hate reform is silly. Any time we change
    a plan we are essentially reforming it.

    On the other hand the President is trying to misdirect the country into voting
    against Republicans with using the statement that reform is bad. The President
    supports Immigration Amnesty. The President is allowing immigrants free reign to
    cross our borders into our country. The President is ordering the border patrol
    to protect the immigrants rather than protecting the border. The President
    secured 500,000 acres in New Mexico and isn’t telling us what it is for. Maybe
    it is an immigrant holding camp? The President is doing all this. The
    Democratic President is doing all this but the focus is being thrown onto the Republicans.
    WHY? One of the reasons is because most of the Republicans are not charismatic.
    They do not handle the press as well. They look like the scary uncle or
    grandfather that your mom told you not to be alone with. Many of the Democrats
    are better orators, better speakers and presenters. Both parties talk in
    circles and give little actual facts or clear statements.

    My core point is that you shouldn’t be afraid of the word reform until the
    reform itself is defined clearly and completely. We should look at the current
    problems and realize that this country with all its problem and faults is a
    much better place for these immigrants to live than where they are coming from.
    We have to decide if we wish to keep them or pay for it ourselves to send them
    back. We have to find a way to document them so that if they try to come back
    that they do so with serious penalties that will make them not wish to return.
    If we decide to keep them and then stop the border crossings we have to make
    sure that we document them and that after maybe a probationary program that they are working and
    contributing to our society rather than being a burden as now many of them are.
    We cannot just sit on the invisible fence and do nothing. So reform is
    necessary but it must be a reform that betters us as a nation and as a people.

    It should not turn us into a people
    landfill or turn Lady Liberty’s Promise of: “Give me your tired, your poor,
    your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless,
    tempest tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Into
    a curse that we have all benefitted from and would condemn us as hypocrites to
    not welcome those who have come late to our party.

    Dennis Deitsch

    Thank you Emma Lazarus for your defiant
    and glorious words and thank you Lady Liberty for welcoming so many of us to
    these marvelous shores.

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