WATCH: Cruz Defends Free Speech, First Amendment

Senators are currently considering an amendment to the United States Constitution that would “repeal the free speech protections of the first Amendment.”

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing entitled “Examining a Constitutional Amendment to Restore Democracy to the American People,” Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 94% delivered a passionate defense of the First Amendment and free speech — which is why he so adamantly opposes the amendment in question.

Nothing in this amendment is limited to corporations or billionaires.  This amendment, if adopted, would give Congress absolute authority to regulate the political speech of every single American with no limitations whatsoever.

Cruz listed groups as varied as Planned Parenthood and the National Right to Life, the Sierra Club,  the National Rifle Association, and the NAACP, and people as diverse as Dinesh D’Souza and Michael Moore.  Cruz said 42 Democrats have signed their names onto an amendment that would “give Congress the power to muzzle” these groups and individuals — and all Americans.

“This amendment is about power, and it is about politicians silencing the citizens,” Cruz said.  The Heritage Foundation explains:

Supporters of this amendment claim that restricting the amount of money that may be spent on political speech and activity is not the same as limiting speech, but as the Supreme Court has recognized, bans on spending are indeed bans on speech.  Limiting spending on political communication necessarily affects the quantity and quality of that speech.  Rather than “level the playing field,” this constitutional amendment would protect incumbents and violate a fundamental right of Americans.

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Should Congress have the power to muzzle the political speech of groups and individuals?

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The First Amendment is under attack -- and so is your right to free speech.

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3 thoughts on “WATCH: Cruz Defends Free Speech, First Amendment

  1. Im Robert Shamp of the constantly constitutionally correct. Ya know not a moment to soon did i manage to start this group.
    I knew our right to free speech was being jeopardized.
    Do you hear. This fine republican. Ted Xruz send his message to the democratic party..42 democrats signed up on this attempt to silence our being able to disagree..based upon a movie that depicts hillary clinton. The bitch who thinks shes going to be our next president.
    Come join the group on Facebook. Constantly constitutionally correct.

    • You fn terrorist, always got to disagree, lol, nothing wrong by the way
      you used “bitch” into ur sentence. Good Job! Now, here’s Theman, It has
      come to this, I cannot and will not engage in this “type” of behavior
      anymore, and when I say “engage” I mean have an opinion that I think I
      have to fight for. It is a human beings RIGHT to be self contained w/
      HAPPINESS, DEVOTION, and CONSIDERATION and FREE to choose when to use
      them. I, we, should not have to answer to anyone, know one who is not
      your mother, father, brother, sister, and family, or friends, who stem
      out from there. I will take leadership, I will support and defend my
      close friends, and a few chosen family members, but I, We, shall not,
      and will not loose our integrity! We will stay strong, we will stay
      relentless, we will rise above negativity, and we will victoriously
      prevail w/ the good Gods Grace!
      Stop voting for ANYONE, begin to
      believe in what you believe in? The brainwashing has led us to
      “believe”; that when we oppose an idea of government, we immediately
      feel like a criminal, or someone who is “distancing” ourselves, from
      what the rest of the world is supposed to be doing?!!!
      I wake up, I
      piss n crap, I eat, I work, I obey all laws, I am helpful in my
      community, I eat again, I entertain myself as meditation therapeutic
      relaxation, and how I choose to do so in my privacy, is of my personal
      Plz take America back, this is the United States of
      Americopia and soon to be monopolized, and if you don’t have property,
      estates, a hotel, or money,…….your life’s investments will be not your own.

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