Ex-Im Bank Opposition Part of “Deeper Phenomenon”

Congress and the media have taken note of conservative opposition to reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank this September, and they’ve picked up on our willingness to take politicians to task for Ex-Im Bank related cronyism.  But as CQ.com notes, the effort to end the Bank is part of a “deeper phenomenon” (sub. req’d):

[E]ven if the bank is reauthorized, there’s a longer-term and deeper phenomenon occurring: the growth within conservative ranks of opposition to traditional Chamber of Commerce Republican positions, including but not limited to the Ex-Im Bank.

“Traditional Chamber of Commerce Republican” is no complement.  From a conservative perspective, “the Chamber and the Business Roundtable are proving to be friends first of big business, not struggling American workers or would-be entrepreneurs.” 

As Heritage President Jim DeMint and Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham explain, ending the cronyism and corporate welfare of the the Ex-Im Bank is just one critical part of a broader mission to show the American people who the Republican Party is really trying to help.

“Whether it’s ending Ex-Im, killing subsidies, or preventing further bailouts, conservatives have a sterling opportunity at this moment of uncertainty to reintroduce themselves to their countrymen as their legitimate advocates in Washington,” they state.

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What is the fight to #EndExIm really about? Making sure politicians are working for us.

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#EndExIm is part of a broader effort to ensure politicians are our true advocates in Washington

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#EndExIm because it's time for Washington to work for the people, not the well-connected.

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2 thoughts on “Ex-Im Bank Opposition Part of “Deeper Phenomenon”

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  2. The Chinese are laughing at you for giving them business at the expense of American businesses and workers. Leave your ivory tower and enter the real world.

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