Shine the Spotlight on the Left’s Corporate Cronyism Agenda

In my Foundry column this week, I argue that the left has a record of voting in favor of corporate welfare, which is often overlooked, and that they should be exposed for their dishonesty on the issue of corporate cronyism:

Though it was reported as news, the left’s 2014 blueprint isn’t novel – it is the same strategy they’ve employed with varying degrees of success for decades. The New York Times providesa helpful summary:

House Democrats are reassessing their electoral strategy based on a major internal research project that shows their candidates stand a better chance when they portray Republicans as unsympathetic to the economic situation of working Americans while protecting the wealthy.

If “protecting the wealthy” is code for corporate welfare, then these so-called strategists may want to check some congressional voting records. America’s political left – from Blue Dog Democrats to radical progressives – tend to be among the most supportive of corporate welfare.

Read the whole column here.

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2 thoughts on “Shine the Spotlight on the Left’s Corporate Cronyism Agenda

  1. The IRS needs to be stopped terminate from the liberals for their benefit. So Obama would win the elections and done to the tea party and conservatives plus to the people. And they spending money of the taxpayers with no records. We need justice given to Obama, Lois learn, Eric holder and Clinton while scandals and murder toke please are Americans killed these for responsible justice on Obama and Clinton and Lois learn Eric holder justice prison time

  2. So, Republicans shut down Congress so they can scurry off to meet with the Koch Brothers and the Left is the problem? Michael Needham needs to stop sniffin glue and start focusing on reality!

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