Obama’s Priorities? National Monuments Over Border Security

“Wherever I see an opening to get things done for the American people, I’m going to take it,” said President Obama recently.  He wasn’t referring to the improving the economy — America’s top priority for 2014 — not that his liberal policies would do that even if he implemented all of them unilaterally.

He was referring to “searching for more opportunities to preserve federal lands.”  The President just designated 500,000 acres of land in New Mexico as the new Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument.  Environmentalists are no doubt pleased.  

In doing so, the President sidelined Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM) 73%, who wanted the area to include only 50,000 acres and whose district was affected by the President’s decision, and sided with Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) 9%.  

For the residents of New Mexico, however, this is more than just another unilateral action by the President where he sided with a Democrat.  The Washington Times reports:

Dona Ana County Sheriff Todd Garrison told The Washington Times this week that the new monument will hurt his ability to patrol the region. He said it will create a corridor where smugglers and drug traffickers can operate with impunity.

The Heritage Foundation explains that “Many local law enforcement authorities on the border, particularly in rural communities, are on the front line of border security.”

Due to a lack of cooperation from the federal government, the Pima County Sherrif’s office in Arizona had to learn the hard way that its “turf had become the path of least resistance for those trafficking in drugs and people” to the U.S. Drug traffickers shot and killed a man and woman in a pickup truck as they traveled through the area.  Later “officers found a third body, shot in the head and dragged into the desert.”

Without suggesting that the creation of a National Monument will facilitate similar crimes, what is clear is the President has insufficient regard for ensuring our borders are secured.  Instead, he’s busy bowing to the demands of radical environmentalists.

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3 thoughts on “Obama’s Priorities? National Monuments Over Border Security

  1. This is so hateful against America and its’ people, I can’t even begin to tear this apart. TSA for America while outside terrorists are attacking us. Fast and Furious, to give terrorists (drug dealers) weapons to harm Americans, within our own borders. Anything to destroy America and its’ people. You are not a President. You are a figurehead to do the destruction of America at the beck and call of others. It is to bad you learned to be a puppet.

  2. Another tax….. That’s what this is. Yet, the brain dead are excited about government protection of land.

    First monies will be needed for “studies” and “planning” more bureaucratic nonsense.

    Second gonna need more to build barricades, toll booths and those comical visitor centers.

    Then even more will be needed to manage even more of this bureaucratic nonsense.

    Where is the funding gonna come from? Yep……..

    Then they are gonna charge access fees for land already paid for by the taxpayer.

    Pearce, Udall, Heinrich ,Steinborn, Lord O….. There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats….

    It’s like watching professional wrasslin’

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