New Hampshire Entrepreneurs to Congress: No Internet Sales Tax

Several New Hampshire based small online business owners say that an internet sales tax would be “devastating” to their business.  New Hampshire is one of five states that does not currently impose a sales tax on its residents, which may be why Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) 2% and Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) 25%, to of the lawmakers that heard from the group, have opposed internet sales tax legislation.

The business owners also spoke with Rep. Ann Kuster (D-NH) 14% and Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) and about a quarter of Congress. 

The Union Leader reports that small business owner David Lahme argues the taxes he would be required to collect would not benefit him or his fellow New Hampshire residents, but those of other states:

“We’re kind of a minority because the rest of the states are collecting (sales) taxes,” Lahme said, adding the state would not benefit from the sales taxes, which would provide revenues in more than 9,600 jurisdictions spread across the nation.

Lahme’s company, TradePort USA, employs 14 people. It helps manufacturers, and distributors recoup their investment on returned, open box, distressed, and overstock consumer electronics products.

Kuster previously said the legislation would have a devastating impact on New Hampshire’s businesses, particularly those that conduct most of their business online. She added she is more hopeful since the House appeared to be more resistant to the measure than the Senate.

Read more about the internet sales tax here.

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The Internet Sales Tax would harm small businesses

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8 thoughts on “New Hampshire Entrepreneurs to Congress: No Internet Sales Tax

  1. NH Businesses can freely automate sales tax processing using modern 2014 technologies eliminating any and all burdens. The MFA protects all businesses from ever changing individual State’s Nexus affiliate laws.

    • Well no, they cannot . NH businesses like all mom & pop online businesses take orders from their own webiste, fax, mail order, phone, ebay,, , newegg , etc, etc. You can snap on software on a corporate data set, not on a mom & pop online business thats taking orders from multiple online & offline data sources. They will be forced to recreate the order process for the software to work. The small business exemption of <1m$ is the equivalent to a modern day lemonade stand.

      Secondly, NH small businesses will not be protected from
      audits from 44 other states looking to "shake the tree" for more revenue. There will be no repercussions to these audits since they will never have to face angry voters since they are out of state.

      • Actually my small “mom and pop” business is grateful since many of the most popular shopping carts and checkout platforms offer free sales tax automation. Recently both Magento, an eBay owned company, and WooCommerce announce free sales tax automation services are available to over 250,000 combines small business owners. In addition over 50 additional platforms offer the same free pre-integrated sales tax automation. Internet businesses no longer have to worry about expensive software integrations. Sales tax automation is pre-integrated for the benefit of all merchants.

        Over 95% of Internet businesses currently utilize shopping cart and checkout platforms with pre-integrated credit card processing, realtime shipping modules, inventory management modules and now sales tax automation.

        Sales tax automation is provided by Certified Service Providers who are paid by states to automate all aspects of sales tax processing. All my monthly remittances are automated, all sales tax look ups are automated and accurate, my business receives indemnification against any immediate audit risks, all sales tax rates and definitions are automatically updates and all this is FREE. Federal legislation requires any state seeking collection authority to simplify their tax policies as 23 states already have.

        • Most business owners today spend quite some time being compliant with their own states tax rules? why? why dont they simply use the magical software you mention?

          Because when your accepting orders from your own web site, ebay,,, newegg, sears plus phone orders, fax orders, pickups, mail orders, craigslist you cant snap on software onto all these channels.

          These so called software solutions are great for imaginary trolls running non existent businesses but not for real online click n brick small and tiny businesses.

          I have yet to meet a small business selling full or partially online that has at least 3 employees that agrees with the law or the exemption being correct. This law protects casual sellers with zero employees and the big box retail giants such as walmart, bestbuy, Target who must collect tax for every sale since they have locations in every state.

          If your only selling in a brick and mortar store, go to and in 5 minutes you will ” be online”.You will actually have an advantage over pure etailers by also having a physical presence. Most of the stores in my area also have a major online presence.

          As for the so called small business exemption If your online and your selling less then $1m, your not a small business,your no business your pretty much a lemonade stand.

          • Here is some information for you to read. In addition credit card processors are now integrating. Epx is the first. My guess is others are soon to follow.








            “TaxCloud is already integrated with Cart32, so activating TaxCloud can be as easy as checking a box.”

            “To install this module you merely have to extract the zip file into the Zen Cart installation directory and configure it through the Zen Cart admin application. The zip file contains a readme file which provides further instructions.”


          • An article of speculation that you are foolish enough to accept as fact. Let’s look at who I am. A small business owner who over three years ago was so frustrated with having to comply with my home state tax rules. I nearly went out of business paying my accountant to comply. I then added two more states establishing Nexus and sales tax compliance quickly became prohibitively expensive. So, I turned to the Internet seeking a solution.

            At this point you and your comrades would have thrown in the towel and whined as if you were in first grade proclaiming… “I can’t do it.”

            However what I discovered amazes me still to this day. I found CSP that offered my business and any other that CHOOSES to the ability to automat sales tax processing. I am still amazed that by voluntarily choosing to remit sales tax in 27 states that the CSP assumes complete liability for audits and indemnifies me. Even better for the 23 states that offer simplified tax processing my remittances are completely automated. All for FREE. Oh yea, I no longer have to worry about individual Nexus laws any more.

            So now, three years later with the money saved, thanks to sales tax automation, I paid for new website with even a better checkout and inventory platform to handle my increasing sales. Oh yea, I have to thank all of you neigh sayers for driving so many consumers to website. Also, many business owners after checking out my web site are now probably TaxCloud merchants, and I have many new customers thankful that I collected and remitted the their honorable sales tax donations for them. After all the tax is legally due, and why should my customers have to pay their accountants to remit sale tax already legally due when I can do it FREE of charge.

            So, I am thrilled to find the webpage the “neigh sayers,” conjured up to attempt to discredit the facts. In reality what it actually has done is confirm that sales tax processing is so easy for mom and pop businesses, like mine, that there is no need for a small seller exception. Thank you for making my point that even small businesses can deal with out of state sales tax processing.

            The fact that I am a small business owner using freely available pre-integrated modern technology to eliminate burdensome administrative expenses making tax processing simpler than dealing with the burdens involved in shipping goods to over 10,000 jurisdictions. Technology that the links I provided you clearly and factually shows that hundreds of thousands of businesses of all sizes are now able to automate sales tax processing.

            I am flattered that opponents find the facts so threatening they have to try and harm the integrity of a small business owner by posting a speculative and misleading website. A small business owner who altruistically offers his time on scholarship committees, local boards, and is simply sharing with other business owners factual experiences from which they can all draw independent conclusions to hopefully benefit and profit.

            By the way, should you actually pick up the phone, or go to DC and actually do some research, you will be fascinated to learn that businesses ranging from small to fortune 500 in size are using TaxCloud. So just keep saying it does’t exist. Keep driving more attention toward sales tax automation. What intelligent individuals discover is the truth, and the truth always prevails.

    • If collecting sales taxes remotely is so wonderful why are states that are part of the SSUTA that operate eCommerce NOT collecting sales taxes on remote sales? Also, the great software you speak of was misrepresented to get the momentum rolling on the Marketplace Fairness Act.

      Read this article that shows states failure to participate and the deceptive statements made by a Certified Software Provider:

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