ENLIST-ing Military for Backdoor Amnesty is Wrong

Washington lawmakers are pushing for a House vote on legislation (H.R. 435 and H.R.2377) that would grant amnesty to those living in the United States illegally in exchange for military service.  Having served in the United States Marine Corps, I can attest that this is a misguided approach.  Amnesty is wrong and undermines the rule of law by encouraging future unlawful immigration.  This proposal would add insult to injury.

Allowing DREAMers—unlawful immigrants brought to the U.S. as minors—to acquire lawful permanent resident (LPR) status in exchange for military service turns military service into a penance.  Our volunteer military thrives in large part because American citizens recognize that it is a privilege, not a punishment, to serve in the military.  The United States spends a significant amount of money to impart essential and enduring skills on military servicemen and women.  It is both an honor and a benefit to be a part of the military — it certainly should not be treated as a punishment.

As a Marine, I am committed to protecting and serving my country, and never looked at military service as a punishment.  It is appalling and misguided for Washington politicians to attempt to use the military for amnesty.

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77 thoughts on “ENLIST-ing Military for Backdoor Amnesty is Wrong

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  3. I have a friend who was pushed across the Mexican border as a child. He grew up in the churches of southern California. He joined the Marines when he was 17. He served two tours in Vietnam fighting for this country. Upon his return to the States he was allowed to become a U.S. Citizen. He has had a highly successful career in the corporate world as well as being involved in law enforcement on a part-time basis. He has retired from his corporate position, but, is still involved in law enforcement. He is also my State Representative. He has been very successful at this new career and I’m sure he will continue to do good things.

    • By that reasoning, it would become permissible for one to break the law and fail to pay any taxes to the IRS and, instead, give all that would be due, to a great and successful charity which spends 98% of all donations on the poor, the sick, and the needy.
      And further, to use that unpaid tax money to become successful in business, giving jobs to hundreds who do pay taxes; and then to get elected as a State Representative and do a great job of it. All while having broken the law to get the ball rolling. Had he obeyed the law, the foundation for all that future good and success would not have been likely.
      In which case, that reasoning would logically conclude that, to have borders is really preventing so many good people from doing good things; and that all borders are counter-productive to the common good.

      Given that the Federal Government has few enumerated powers, as recognized in our Constitution, removing borders as actual legal points of entry, would remove that function of the Federal government (to maintain borders, as written in the Constitution) and thereby reduce it’s power to tax accordingly, as proscribed in the Constitution, as one of the primary justifications for the existence of a federal government; as well as it’s authority to collect tax in the first place.
      All the while forgetting that borders are more than lines on a map; they are what defines a country and its sovereignty.

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  6. Obama and his enablers once again DUMP on our military that they despise
    for worthless political reasons as this Marine, God bless him and all
    those in our military suffering under the tyranny of the Obamunists and
    their Judas GOPE RINO enablers, tells it like it is! – A Vietnam War Navy Veteran


  8. Obama will dedicate himself to anything he feels that will bring Americas down. I’m sure he looks at this as a three -fer. He can grant amnesty, weaken the military and make our country -less…

  9. Are you kidding me? This is absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong on every level. I am in the active military right now and morale is at an all time low because of the poor leadership in DC. Today, it is hard enough to find American citizens who know anything about what our country stands for, much less any that are willing to fight for it. Do you really think that a non-citizen, like our sorry commander in chief, can honestly fulfill the oath to uphold the Constitution? This is more than stupid; IT IS TREASON! Under the United States Code of Military Justice (where you are guilty until proven innocent) anyone who supported an act of subversion like this would face a firing squad! No wonder they don’t want to bring us back home now. We would put a stop to this madness. God help us.

    • Agreed! The vast majority of us retired servicemembers……..I am a Marine,,,,,, DO NOT ACCEPT AND ARE TOTALLY ASHAMED OF A SO-CALLED commander-in-chief who is selling America and you active duty members down the river and really putting it to OUR AMERICA AND THAT BEAUTIFUL FLAG. The totally whacked out liberal obamination needs a roto rooter ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Vote “no” on HR 435 and HR 2377 because:
    1. This use of our military is an insult to all brave Americans who chose in the past or choose now to enlist because of love of and dedication to our country.
    2. Since the military is being downsized, what reason THAT IS BENEFICIAL TO THE MILITARY is there for encouraging illegals in the pool of enlistees?
    3. It is not the purpose of the military to be a stepping stone to citizenship which, by the way, may lead to an attraction of aliens who would do us harm.
    4. It hints of a mercenary force.
    5. These people would be purchasing citizenship as indentured servants in our armed forces and that is a path this great country should never tread upon.
    5. Validating illegal behavior will beget more of the same as Ronald Reagan found out. We are still waiting for the closed borders promised in a Congressional deal with him.

  11. Legal immigrants who joined the US Military are able to get their citizenship in 3 years vice 12. So this is not a new concept. What is sad is that a lot of US personnel are not able to get into the military because of the high quality recruiting requirements. Our young men and women need to have the opportunity of serving their country. It would help the young people see how fortunate they actually have it in America.

  12. Absolutely. Our.boys always. O have never tried to walk in President Obama’s shoes. I have a pretty good handle,.mainly used to back my butt up. So that’s it God bless , ME, just me

  13. I am grateful for and respect Wade’s service, but we should also be respectful of any immigrants (including the ones who were brought here illegally as kids) who are willing and qualify to serve in the US military. Offering them US citizenship — after they complete first couple of years of their service — should be no-brainer.

    The problem is that Democrats (as always) are using this very sensible idea as a “Trojan horse” to push a lot of other (much less reasonable) ways to offer amnesty to many other types of illegal immigrants.

    We are not doing anti-amnesty cause any service by taking unnecessarily “harsh” and “negative” position on appreciating those who are willing to risk their lives for our country. Instead, we should continue to point out deception and manipulation in Obama Administration’s use of the “Dreamer” rhetoric (about courageous illegal kid who volunteered to fight in Afghanistan) to release 36,000 illegal “immigrant” criminals — including murderers and drunk-driver killers of hundreds of Americans.

  14. As a retired Marine, I am 100% opposed to this idiotic procedure that rewards illegal aliens with amnesty. NO AMNESTY and I side with this article’s author, Wade Miller. Before any of this garbage should even be considered, we need to enact TERM LIMITS on the numbnutted boneheads who think this is the right path. NO AMNESTY PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I am opposed to anything that is going to reduce our military to a gang of illegal aliens, that will just be there to murder us.

  16. I am a veteran and I see nothing wrong (under certain conditions) to grant citizenship for service to this country. If a young person has been in this country for at least five years and has never been charged with any crime and has learned to speak English should qualify. In my eight years in the Military I have served with many Immigrants and found the Greatest majority to be decent people who truly wanted to become citizens. Also served with a lot of American born that I did not want at my back. I admit this was quite awhile ago (1950 through 1958) and it is possible for things to have changed.

    • Sorry to disagree, but that is rewarding illegal behavior and will only encourage more to do the same. What part of breaking the law do people not understand.. Thousands of immigrants have followed the rules by not slithering over the border..how will they feel when the illegals are given citizenship while they’re following the law and still waiting..If we have to obey the law..SO DO THEY

    • I have Served with many LEGAL immigrants who have Served with Honor. A good friend that was Egyptian (non-muslim) earned his Citizenship while we Served together. You see, we already have a program for Legal immigrants to Serve then earn the Citizenship. It is actually earned and not given away like the National Defense Service Medal.

  17. Totally agree it is beyond stupidity. But I believe there is more to it than just a pack on misinformed X car salesman who are now in leadership roles. No offense to car salesman.
    Check history, it did not work for Rome’s Empire. Follow those who what it the most. There is the political reasons. God Bless this country and those who love it.

  18. In the midst of the Civil War, the Irish and the Germans became acceptable as valued citizens because so many of these immigrants served in the N. Army and boosted the manpower of the Union’s combat ability. We have been expediting the citizenship of applicants who serve in our military for some time now and I have not heard much in the way of complaint from any serving alongside them…..I would think their commitment and loyalty would be welcome…..When I served in the 60’s I can remember immigrants serving but had little contact with them…

    • The difference is that the Irish and German immigrants came legally through our immigration system. The bill under consideration would bring into the military people who have already demonstrated a lack of respect for at least one of our laws by sneaking in without immigration screening. The military worked long and hard to get the ability to exclude scoff-laws from its ranks once they realized such people are often poor soldiers. We’ve already seen significant damage to the military from the anti-theist and homosexual promoters; this bill would further undermine service cohesion by bringing in more people who have a purpose other than to serve our nation in a military capacity.

      Consider this also: one of the purposes of traditional immigration screening is to keep out those bearing communicable diseases. The vast numbers of sick illegals have made drug-resistant tuberculosis rampant in southern California. But if we give illegals an entitlement to go into the military to get their legal paperwork, the military may be forced to take in individuals with dangerous diseases, and the taxpayer will have to bear the cost of treating those diseases. Up until the last century, disease killed far more soldiers than combat. Do we have to go back to that?

    • First New Orleans was heavily migrated by the Irish escaping the potato famine. They fought for the Confederates and went by the name of the Tigers. That is where LSU is supposed to have gotten their mascot. The Irish and German immigrants left their respective countries behind. They came here to become Americans. They assimilated and did not demand that the current Americans changed for them. Their culture, food, and history was welcomed because they did not impose it upon us. They worked hard to learn the language, raise their children as Proud Americans, earn a decent living, paid their own way, and served to make America a better place for all.

      Illegals that have been flowing here since post WWII are here for one thing and one thing only – to serve themselves. A large group just wants to come here, get all the free stuff they can, make money (IRS treasure chest), send it all back to their home countries and then just up and leave. Probably owing alot of rent, taxes, fines, loans, etc.

      We have legal immigrants that come here seeking asylum that do the same thing as the illegals. That is shameless. Who are these people? Mostly muslims. They don’t want to assimilate as Americans. They want to impose their way of life upon all of us. They don’t like the flavor of our melting pot stew so they want to toss it out and use their recipe. Sorry but Americans are camel’s milk lactose intolerant. Please note that the Vietnamese came here seeking asylum and assimilated just fine. You could probably say that about the early Cuban asylum seekers as well.

  19. For face value, this doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but there’s always the back door value that greatly disturbs me. This idea stinks to high heaven. I have thoughts of our military being used against the American people, While I have no doubts that there will be some Illegals that would be a great asset to our country, Given that we don’t know who’s here and if they are truly dreamers, and given O’s behavior of releasing thousands of criminals back into the populace we could end up with a bunch of criminals in our military. We’ve been lied to so much by this administration I don’t trust that anything good would come from this.

  20. We rely heavily on our military. They are there because they hold American values, value American freedoms, and want to fight to maintain those values and freedoms. The Illegals don’t hold those values; they have already broken the law by coming here. I fear that they may degrade the quality and determination of our fighting force. On the other hand, it could cause them to develop an appreciation for this country beyond the freebies they are looking for – if done right, it could make them citizens to be proud of. So, it’s hard to say. I can see arguments both ways. However, those with criminal records should not be permitted to serve, and shouldn’t be let in anyway.

  21. Is this why the Sociopath in the White house is shrinking every branch to pre WWII levels..to make room for illegals…Obama is making our military look like pansy asses..Im sorry, but its now up to you to restore the Constitution and remove the fraud..The left has denied Americans there right to free and fair elections..targeting of the opposition, voter fraud and the refusal to charge those commiting voter fraud have seen to that…Please prove me wrong, show us civilians and the world your not the milquetoast military Obama is creating.

  22. By flooding the military with illegal aliens, Obama would have an army which would gladly shoot and kill American citizens. No effing amnesty!

  23. I can just picture the confusion when English language challenged illegals are mixed with American soldiers.

    • “Grenade…..Grenade! Grenade!” No! Not grenadine. We’re not trying o make margheritas you knucklehead.

  24. Sounds like another way for B.O. and his ilk to decrease morale and cohesion in the military and increase DemocRat voters.

  25. A very sneaky way to flood the military with non-english speaking foreigners that would swear allegiance to oweblowhole and not the constitution..would be part of his “non military” military..

    • Warn every person that you know Serving in the Military or about to Join. I just did a couple of hours ago to ROTC Graduate heading to the LANG.

  26. Dear God can you imagine having a bunch of people that are only there for themselves, not for our great country!!!! That would be the beginning of the end

  27. Another Scandal in the works. How many Scandals can O handle? The left like to cry Bush lied and people died, Which happened because of bad Intel.

    Now under O’s rule we have no Intel, and America died.

    • But there was WMD! Just not the huge masses thought. Though not enriched Uranium, there was a large enough amount of yellow caked Uranium to have been greatly concerned.

  28. Why doesn’t the military honor their vow to protect our country from enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC??? Why haven’t the military done anything against THEIR ENEMY who is scaling them down to pre 1940 levels?????? And allowing derelicts to join, Muslims to join, and other enemies of America in our military? It would take our military one day to take out the enemy.

      • True but I joined the year that GW Bush took Office. I did not count Obama as being a valid President. The simple fact that he so securely locked up his Birth Certificate and for what purpose. That is another question never answered by King Barry.

        Oath of Enlistment – “….do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”
        Constitution comes first and foremost above that of any superior, including the Commander in Chief.

        The Sailor’s Creed – “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me.”
        Constitution comes first and foremost above that of any superior, including the Commander in Chief.

          • Legally as in how? Does President Obama not choose if an when he will follow US Law and the US Constitution? That sts a precedence that can be called forth in a US District Court and the Supreme Court. Our Rule of Law is based on the old Common Law system. In that system, an undue amount of legal weight is presses upon a Court to Law base on any legal precedences. That is why lawyers have those rows and rows of binders in their office and a squadron of paralegals. I would dare say that 95% of all trial cases rely heavily on precedence to do the bulk of their trail arguments.

            Obama has already set the deadly precedence of allowing illegals to be above the law, even murderers, rapist, muggers, domestic abusers, robbers, thieves, molesters, pedophiles, DWI/DUI, and the like. Why should American Citizens have to follow the Laws of the Land anymore?

      • First of all, he’s an ILLEGAL president. Second, he’s not a man – he’s a coward. Third, he’s murdering our vets right under our noses, denying them the care they need. If I was military, I wouldn’t obey a single order from him. He’s not the president. He’s an imposter who is MUSLIM and HATES AMERICA.

          • Then if you agree that he’s an ILLEGAL president, then you must logically agree that he’s NOT commander in chief by default.

        • I agree 110% ..That is the main reason this slug is purging the military..He wants obedient servants.he does not want to have to worry about the military getting fed up and removing him from office..That should be a red flag ! If the military truly takes the oath serious,,they would have removed him as a foreign and domestic enemy (take your pick, either one works)..I can’t fathom why it hasn’t been done already…History seems to be repeating itself “The night of the long knives” Hitlers military purge.,, Deja Vu

  29. Nobo9dy who has broken the law—foreigner or American citizen—should be allowed to serve in the military. It is a question of honor and patriotism, something all the branches of the armed forces emphasize and advocate. I seriously question the honor and patriotism of any foreigners who come to America surreptitiously, on the sneak-and-sly!

  30. Presently, with the ongoing and planned cutbacks in active duty personnel, the military services are currently rejecting 80% of all applicants. So if they can reject that many U.S. citizen (or at least legal) applicants, how can they justify using illegals, many of whom are presumably functionally illiterate? As usual, the real agenda here is something other than what they purport it to be.

    • The reason and purpose is to replace Troops loyal to the US Constitution with those loyal to King Barry and his cronies.

  31. Back in the day when judges used to force juvenile offenders to Join or do prison time, that always made for some really top-notch, dedicated fellows. NOT! First, illegals don’t really give tow Shiite muslims about this Country. They are here for the free stuff and easy living. In fact, there is quite a large number of them….actually most…. that want turn the USA into whatever little Garden of Eden that they fled from. So no dedication to this Country means no dedication to whatever Branch of the Service they seek to leech off of.

    Then there is the issue of enforcement and oversight. When has Obama’s Government ever done that effectively? Try NEVER! Of course, the RINOs allow King Obama The Tyrant to keep his pen and phone so he can just memorandize and Executive Order it away at will. So why does any Law matter anymore? He just does as he pleases. So said illegal decided to join fro even more free goodies. Right out of Boot Camp he/she/it decides that isn’t the life for them and just goes back to their evil illegal disappearing act. What is the Military going to do? Not a dang thang. They are illegal and untouchable. Holder will go ahead and put that checkmark in the box anyway – time served.

    What I see that is even more insidious is that the Feds are trying to stack the deck in the Military. Who are the current most Patriotic Citizens in this Land? Vets and those currently Serving. Who have sworn an Oath to defend the US Constitution from both foreign and domestic enemies? Vets and those currently Serving. Who is it that are willing to die for said Document, this Country and her people? Vets and those currently Serving. Who has stated for several years now that they would consider it an unlawful Order to fire upon American Citizens? Those currently Serving.

    You can see that America’s well-oiled and loyal US Armed Forces would be a thorn in anyone’s side planing to takeover or fundamentally change this Nation contrary to the US Constitution and the Will Of The People. And guess what the Tyrant King Obama has been doing to the US Military since 2009. He has been working feverishly down size the US Military to below pre-World War Two standards. He has forced alot of combat Troops out, removed Senior Enlisted Leadership (some prematurely where they lost their Retirement), removed well-trained and proficient Service Men and Women. He will be replacing them with new illegal recruits who will be loyal to him and the Democratic Party and not the Constitution!

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  34. Another insult to our American heroes, and today is Armed Forces Day–thank the military members whom you meet, but not just today.

  35. This is referencing children who were brought here by parents. The children have for the most part been raised as Americans and have no other home. They committed no crime and to say that the children should be punished for the wrongs of their parents is petty, vindictive and certainly not Christian.

    If they are willing to serve in the military of their adopted country, does that not show dedication to the USA just as it does for others who serve?

    • These children belong to their parents, not America. This is not their ‘adopted’ country until they become citizens. This idea that children should somehow be treated as separate from their families is silly and a construct of the Left, which believes the State has ultimate control over children, not their parents.

      Children born in this country to illegal parents should be given the option to become citizens when they reach adulthood. Until then, they should be treated as members of their family, going where their parents go– straight back to where they came from. Immigration is a privilege, not a right. Come one, come all, but come legally! Don’t sneak in the back door and take what isn’t yours.

      • They didn’t sneak in. You want to deport children to someplace they never knew because of what their parents did, and we allowed or tolerated.

        What makes you such a vicious person without ethics?

        As to children born in this country to anyone; they are America citizens according to the constitution, which you clearly take or leave at your pleasure.

        • Arne, What makes you such an America hater? Cathy didn’t say the children sneaked in. Surprise, criminals do things that are criminal/illegal– like drugs, guns, immigrate, etc. Just because you democrats tolerate to get more voters for your failed utopian plans, doesn’t change the law.

          Please tell me why these people, whose first act is to break our laws, should be put ahead and rewarded over those who have immigrated lawfully? You sound bigoted against them.

          • “These people” being considered for a path to citizenship are the children, not the parents in this case.

            Do you always twist the issue like this?

          • http://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-134.pdf

            Arne, please fill out the attached two forms 14 million times each, just leave the name of the individual you are supporting blank. Don’t forget to send in the fee’s for the i-485. The fees are only 14.98 billion.

            Your whole argument is insulting to someone who had to go through the process legally and spend thousand of dollars to bring their wife and stepdaughter to the country. My thirteen year old stepdaughter was given no special considerations even if though she is from one of our former colonies. Some how you seem to believe that just because someone can walk across one of our boarders they should get special consideration ahead of people that are going through the process legally. But I know once their is a path for them they your people like you will start telling us how cruel we are for breaking up families.

            You and people like you have perverted the intent of the 14th amendment. “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof”, not only do you have to be born in the united states, but the “and” part when debated was that their parents had to have renounced citizenship to their previous country. If there parents have not renounced their citezenship then any child born in this country would not be citizens of the US, but instead citizens of their parents country of origin.

            Please move to a boarder town that has a very high crime rate due to the Mexican cartels and please get rid of any guns you may have. We would hate for you to hurt one of these unfortunate people that are only looking for a better way of life when they are breaking into your house.

            now before you start the name calling like i have seen you use in other reply’s. I have read Saul Alinsky and i am as I’m sure a number of other people on this discussion have. Your name calling will only be viewed as a true measure of your intelligence and show that you are not at all serious about this topic and the United States Constitution.

          • The law has been the same for generations. Anyone born in the USA becomes a citizen. You can argue that you don’t like it, but that is the law and it is nothing new. Did you make a stink about it during Republican administrations?

            However this issue is not about that, it is about punishing the children for their parents’ acts, and it is about the simple fact that we have tolerated the issue for generations, including under Republican administrations.

            So go ahead and advocate your bigotry.

  36. Thats how smart these stupid Democraps are. Yes put them in the military. Maybe they will fight against US citizens, but they won’t fight to free their own country against the Drug Cartel or corrupt Government officials.

  37. It’s political. The Democrats want the illegals vote. Why are the Democrats not upholding the Constitution and our laws. Voters in their district continue to return them to Washington time and again. It’s both liberals and illegals voting to return them to office. It’s selfishness, Congress only look after themselves and to hell with what is correct, proper, moral and ethic. They do the political correctness thing and listen to political organizations and unions and let the majority of the country be damned. It’s past time to take care of the people/ taxpayers in this country. Obamacare is not taking care of the people. It is harming them financially.

  38. It seems our elected officials are far more concerned about staying in office then to follow the constitution. Those that are here illegally are breaking the law, perhaps this is too simplistic a concept for them to understand!

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