AZ Sheriff Asks Obama Admin to “Simply Enforce the Laws” on Immigration

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu was on on Fox News’ ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’ Tuesday where he made a very simple request of the Obama Administration: “simply enforce the laws.”

Cavouto explained that the economy is getting worse in Mexico, which means that more illegal immigrants will be attempting to come to the United States.  Babeu who has first hand experience with illegal immigrants agreed, and explained the phenomenon further:

Most illegal immigrants are coming to the United States in order for jobs, for health care, for education. And when things get worse in Mexico, we will have more illegals coming here.  Last year, we had 123,000 illegals that were apprehended, just here in this part of Arizona alone.  So if things get worse in Mexico, you’re going to see a measurable uptick in illegal immigrants coming into the United States.  

Cavouto recalled that during the financial meltdown in the U.S. there was a “noticeable slowdown in Mexicans trying to come here because things stunk so much here.”   He asked the sheriff how to prepare “now that the gap could be favoring coming to the U.S. again.”  Babeu’s response:

We wish we had help from the federal government.  We have not seen that in Eric Holder, the secretary of Homeland Security, now Jeh Johnson, and certainly President Obama.  What we’re asking for in law enforcement is to simply enforce the laws.  When there’s consequences for breaking the laws, we won’t have what we just had last week, and the month before, numerous times, fourteen, fifteen times, deported illegals who are being apprehended because there’s no consequences. 

This is not too much to ask.  Learn about a better way to reform immigration policy.

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Obama Admin, enforce the laws. Is this too much to ask? #NoAmnesty

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This sheriff makes a lot of sense. Enforce the laws. #NoAmnesty

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7 thoughts on “AZ Sheriff Asks Obama Admin to “Simply Enforce the Laws” on Immigration

  1. Pinal County Sheriff AZ Paul Babeu and deputies apprehend thousands daily illegal immigrants going through Pinal County to other parts of America. Sheriff Paul would make stellar Homeland Security chief instead of Obama appointee JEH Johnson and in past Janet Napolitano. Isn’t America sick and tired of this and rhetoric. Didn’t they all take an oath? Sheriff Paul Babeu gets things done. Hate to think what county of Pinal would be like without his direction. Retirees and working people feel safe in Babeu’s Pinal county. For every 1 illegal caught 3 illegals get across the border though to all parts of USA.


  3. First of all Obama will not allow the police, ICE, or the border agents to enforce the law. Second, all of the jobs are in China and Mexico. So why are they coming here to the U.S., where there are no jobs. We have all noticed many of our products being made in China, but I have been paying more attention lately and find many, many, many of the things I purchase are made in Mexico. I find it in grocery stores, big box stores and the smaller stores too. Am I the only one that noticed this. So send them all back because that is where all the jobs are.

  4. Many, many illegals are not coming here for jobs; they are coming across the border to do the Cartel’s business in the U.S. Also, many are Jihadists who are infiltrating the land they want to destroy in behalf of alQuida.

  5. There’s an easy way to solve the alleged problem of “illegal” immigrants — repeal the unconstitutional laws restricting immigration. The US should restore its heritage of open borders.

  6. The southern states should look at this as an invasion and the constitution gives then the right to go to war with Mexico because of it, without federal permission.

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