This Week in Congress: April 7 – 11


Analysis: This week the House may consider Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) N/A%‘s budget resolution.  Heritage Foundation policy experts weighed in on the pros and cons of this Ryan budget, which would implement many important reforms but would fail in other areas.  For example, it would repeal Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and put Medicaid on a budget.  Heritage also recommends Congress should “mainstream the Medicaid population into private coverage and out of the failing government program.”  Heritage’s Romina Boccia demonstrates the vast differences in spending and savings between the Ryan budget and President Obama’s FY 2015 budget.

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will vote to hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress for refusing to answer questions before Congress on May 22, 2013 and March 5, 2014, at a hearing entitled, “Targeting Americans for their Political Beliefs.”

Major Floor Action

  • H.R. 1871 – Baseline Reform Act of 2013
  • H.R. 1872 – Budget and Accounting Transparency Act of 2014
  • H.Con.Res. 96 – Establishing the budget for the United States Government for fiscal year 2015


Analysis: This week, the Senate is poised to move to a legislative vehicle for the Unemployment Insurance (UI) extension. An extension of emergency UI benefits would both prolong unemployment and harm taxpayers with its gimmick-ridden pay-fors.

Major Floor Action

  • H.R.3979 – the legislative vehicle for the Emergency Unemployment Benefits Extension Act


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2 thoughts on “This Week in Congress: April 7 – 11

  1. It’s a hard decision. A lot of people would rather live off unemployment. But there are a lot that just can’t find work in their field. My suggestion to those is to look into another field. Might not pay as much but pays more than unemployment. Let go of the ego.

  2. I’m torn. I understand many use it as a form of welfare. However, I was out of work for 7 1/2 months. I received one check of the EUC and then the program expired. It hurt and we’re still behind on bills. If they extend it, I’ll get 3 weeks of retro that will get us caught up. I guess I’m sitting this one out and not taking sides.

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