Tea Party Defines “New Republican”

A new project, led by longtime GOP strategist Alex Castellanos, is aimed at rebranding the Republican Party.  Announced today in Politico’s Playbook, NewRepublican.org will focus “on outlining a positive GOP agenda for the future.”  In an ad slated to run on Sunday shows, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) says “If you don’t think the Republican Party should be the party of big government, big business or big anything, you’re thinking like a New Republican.”

If that message sounds familiar that’s because Heritage Action has been pounding it for years.  In October 2011, CEO Mike Needham and COO Tim Chapman wrote an op-ed for Real Clear Politics entitled “The Washington Establishment’s Big Problem.”  They explained:

The Bigs – Big Wall Street, Big Government, Big Labor, and Big Business – are all protected classes in the American political system. The tax code, regulatory regime, and campaign finance laws are all written by those powerful enough to hire an army of lobbyists to descend on Washington. Labor unions pushed their way ahead of bond holders when the Establishment bailed out Chrysler. Solyndra got venture funding from the middle class taxpayer after spending $1.9 million lobbying the Establishment. 

This corrupt nexus is at the heart of the dissatisfaction across the country towards Washington.

They continued:

To be sure, the Establishment is a bipartisan problem plaguing our nation. But this does not necessarily mean that the solution to the problem must be found outside the two-party system. 

In 2010, the tea party movement struck the first blow to the Establishment by working within the Republican Party to elect limited government, constitutional conservatives. Because their aim is to return power to individuals and localities, the tea party is the only organic, grass roots movement in this country that is by its very nature subversive to the political Establishment and therefore to the culture of “The Bigs.” 

Since the 2010-midterm elections there has been a quiet war going on within the Republican Party between the Establishment and the insurgent tea party movement. It is the outcome of this war, rather than whether a centrist third party candidate will emerge, that we believe is the crucial factor in determining whether or not our country will be able to rid itself of the destructive culture of “The Bigs.” 

There is a great awakening of sorts that is sweeping the nation right now. Decades upon decades of Washington taking power from the people have been noticed. The collusion between the Washington Establishment and “The Bigs” is now apparent to average Americans. It was this great awakening that created the tea party movement and it was the tea party in 2010 that fired the first shots in the war. 

Needham and Chapman closed by saying the outcome of this battle – the battle over the Bigs – will be the defining marker as to whether the Tea Party prevails.  If the “New Republican” message is any indication, we are winning this fight.

Are you holding Congress accountable?

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4 thoughts on “Tea Party Defines “New Republican”

  1. Where did the myth of the two party system come from anyway? There isn’t anything that says there can’t be more than two. Washington just likes it that way because it makes it where they can get away with anything they want. We need another party to shake things up, give the people an option that isn’t the current system of Democrats and RINO’s.

  2. I can’t imagine that any literate person would believe that the “TeaParty” (no offense to the Founders) is re-defining the Republican Party. What they are doing is killing the Republican Party. This so-called “TeaParty”, comprised of Neuvo Rich … though they have acquired money, they have not acquired literatcy. Actually, they’re little more than white trash risen from the ashes. They’ve made of American an international laughing stock and, as the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia tells us, the TeaParty faction of the Republican Party is comprised of Cranks and Crazies. Only the worst among us would be swayed by this human garbage know collectively as the TeaParty.

    • You know absolutely nothing about the Tea Party. Thanks for exposing yourself as an ignoramus, and apparently proud of it.

    • Hate to tell you this Katherine, but the Tea Party is the only thing that has kept our country from coming completely off the rails! Personally, as a member of the Tea Party mindset, I would have opted for strengthening a third party. As loyal as most Democrats are to their PARTY, Democratic politicians have overplayed their hand and many party loyalist are regretting their vote in 2012 and I believe would vote THIRD party (as long as no one can go in the booth with them) in 2016. As far as the “old guard” Republican politicians . . . they are going to regret their words and actions against the Tea Party. They have failed to realize that a significant portion of their base IS the Tea Party and they are in no mood for more of the same.

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